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Dishwashing Liquid
Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Aloe Vera Scent

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Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Aloe Vera Scent Keeps Hands Soft


Dawn is one of the foremost names in dishwashing liquids and the brand continues to expand, with more product offerings each year. One of its latest series is the Dawn Hand Renewal line of dish liquids and one of the scents offered is **Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Aloe Vera Scent.** **Dishwashing Liquid Facts and Commentary:** Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Aloe Vera Scent is a lotion- like dish liquid that feels noticeably different from the Dawn dishwashing liquid you grew up using. This product emphasizes not only clean dishes, but also soft hands through its special, skin- friendly ingredients. Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Aloe Vera Scent is a good dishwashing liquid that has no problem handling common food and beverage stains. However, I don't get that no- holds- barred feeling from a grease- fighting perspective, like I get with regular Dawn. This product works okay at cutting grease, so it certainly isn't bad, but it doesn't manhandle the grease like regular Dawn. Its ability to handle ordinary dish cleaning is still quite good, however, and it does protect the hands from the harshness normally associated with dish liquids. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Dawn is a great name in dishwashing and its Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Aloe Vera Scent is yet another good product from the Dawn lineup. I prefer other brands of Dawn to this one, mainly due to the reduced emphasis on cutting grease and the added emphasis on skin care, which isn't a concern to me. Still, I can agree that Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Aloe Vera Scent works well for most dish- cleaning situations and most users will find it acceptable or better.

Houston, TX


Leaves hands feeling soft!


If you do a lot of cleaning and other things that make your hands water-logged or dried out, this is the dishsoap for you! This soap leaves my hands smelling wonderful and feeling soft. It is the best dish/hand soap I've used in a long time. I've used regular Dawn dishsoap and it works well, but the Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay works so much better if your concerned with dry hands.

Salem, SC


Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Dish Soap what a silly idea


My mom bought this dish soap for our family to use, I believe that she had a coupon and got a great deal on it and that is why we tried it. The first thing I thought when I saw the dish soap is "what a weird idea", to combine Olay with dish soap. My opinion hasn't changed. It doesn't sit right with me to be using a lotion (or whatever you want to call it) to wash our dishes that we then suck on, lick off, eat out of, etc.. What I like about this dish soap: Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay does work to help make your hands smooth. Long lasting bubbles that will keep your water lasting until you get all your dishes done. What I don't like about this dish soap: I can't imagine that it is very healthy to be "eating" "hand renewal". I don't like the aloe vera scent of this product, though it is very light it still bugs me. My conclusion: This is an okay dish soap to use if you get a good deal on it, don't spend extra money on it.

Rib Lake, WI


The Scent of Summer


I tried Dawn Hand Renwal with Olay Beauty in the aloe vera scent not only because I had a coupon matched to a sale on this product, but because the label claimed it could improve the look and feel of hands in 5 uses.  My hands were looking pretty bad from cleaning products, heated air and winter weather.  This new product did make a difference after about a week of using it.  As a dishwashing liquid it does it's job too.  Most of what I hand wash are baking dishes and pots and pans that have cooked on food.  After soaking for a few minutes Dawn Hand Renewal helps to list off the baked on mess.  The aloe vera scent of this product is wonderful.  Between the improvment of the dryness of my hands and the wonderful scent, I have started using Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty as a soak before I do a manicure or pedicure.  Dawn has come up with a product that adds a little luxury to the chore of washing dishes. 

Marion, NY


Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Aloe Vera Scent

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