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Danby In. Ultra-Compact Gas Range - White

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A wonderful range for small apartments!


I have a small apartment over my garage and this is the range I purchased to outfit the kitchen with cooking capability. My sister lives there now and I really wanted to have a nice product for her to use. I was not disappointed with this product in any way. It is perfect for small spaces and it still has surprisingly a good amount of space and four burners to cook on, despite it being a very small range. It is wonderful for a one person household. The oven is not very big, but it is still big enough to bake cookies or a cake in, which is important, because my sister loves to bake! Also, we have had no issues with this range breaking or not working since we purchased this range a little over a year when we redid the apartment for her. I would definitely recommend purchasing this range if you live in a tiny apartment or even in a small cottage/trailer. It really is reliable and worth the money spent!



Danby In. Ultra-Compact Gas Range - White

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