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DHC CoQ10 Lotion Toner

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Coenzyme Q10 Makes this a Perfect Toner for Mature Skin


I've read a lot about the benefits of coenzyme Q-10 for improving sun-damaged and aging skin. CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps promote skin's elasticity and firmness. So when I received my sample of **DHC CoQ10 Lotion Toner**, I was expecting the typical creamy anti-aging lotion. What I got instead was a surprisingly lightweight toner that was not a problem for my oily skin. Effectiveness As someone who has oily skin, I'm always afraid that a new facial product could block my pores or cause my skin to produce more oil, but that was not the case. My skin felt refreshed and I didn't feel any uncomfortable residue. I followed up the toner with my nightly Olay Regenerist serum, and the products complemented each other beautifully. I woke up the next morning with soft, smooth skin. There were no blemishes or skin irritation following use. Scent This is not some highly-fragranced beauty moisturizer. In fact, I can't say that it has much of a scent at all. Ease of Application DHC CoQ10 Lotion is actually more of a toner than a moisturizing lotion. It's a yellow liquid that smooths on without stickiness or tackiness and absorbs quickly.

Chicagoland, IL


DHC CoQ10 Lotion Toner

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