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Cuisinart GG-2 Indoor Grill

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Pros and cons


This grill is good to make sandwiches, grill some vegetables and white meat. It is easy to clean, cooks fast, uses less oil, can reheat pizzas. Has non stick surface, heats up quickly, has on/off control. Price is a bit high. Problem is with the grease/liquid staying on the grill, it does not drain off.

Plainsboro, NJ


It's great (if you have the space)


This is one of those really cool kitchen appliances that has a million uses. With a grill on one side and a griddle on the other, it is very versatile. (This model does not have both on the same side - you must use one or the other at a time.) The downside is, as with most appliances of this type, it takes up a lot of space. So, while it's helpful in an apartment setting where you may not have a grill, it will be a cabinet space hog. Ease of Cleaning Hand wash only

Murrieta, CA


Cuisinart GG-2 Indoor Grill

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