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Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast 16-Cup Food Processor

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Cuisinart Elite 16-Cup Food Processor has room for improvement.


First of all let me say that there are a lot of good things about this food processor, and that's why I was willing to shell out the big bucks on this model. I love the 16 cup bowl capacity because I feed a lot of people, and make large recipes on a daily basis. Having the three nesting work bowls is also great because you can process different parts of the recipe without having to constantly wash out your work bowl. This also happens to be one of the only food processors I've found that doesn't require the equivalent of a secret handshake to get past the safety features to make the darn thing operate! I like that a lot. (No snap this on, then twist this, then and only then can you add the plunger, and turn here before you're able to push start.) That alone was really what initially sold me on this unit. There's a nice storage box for your blades and accessories as well. Okay, so it does the job fair enough. It chops and grates like you would want your food processor to chop and grate. I'm not impressed with the way the lid seals down. Especially when you're grating hard things like cheese. It tends to have too much give, and has even popped open on a couple of occasions. The rubber gasket seal makes it difficult to clean, which is frustrating. Bottom line, I don't love it. I wanted to. I really did, but for the money it shouldn't have the design flaws that it does.

Brush Prairie, WA


Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast 16-Cup Food Processor

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