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Crosley Electric Dryer

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My own dryer...AGAIN!:)


After living in an apartment for a year and a half, I was so excited to get my own washer and dryer. The prices,however, did not excite me as they had increased since we had owned a home. I had certain things I required from my dryer-I wanted the energy efficient cycle, the lint screen on top of the dryer, and the ability to turn off the signal. This dryer had all of those options. I was rather surprised at how difficult it was to get a dryer that included ALL of these. The dryer does a GREAT job of drying the clothes. It does it in a goodly amount of time, and I really like the options that I have for the different cycles. My favorite part-the lint screen. My previous dryer had it in the bottom. I never liked it. I really feel this one does a WAY better job as a result of its location.

Kingfisher, OK


Great when new- don't attempt to move it !!


We purchased this Crosley dryer in 2002. When we first got it, it worked very, very well !! Quick drying and not noisey ! However, within a couple years the drying time dramatically increased- went from being dry before the wash cycle was done to needing 70 to 90 minutes a load to dry. After moving the dryer, the balancers were off- even though great care was taken while moving it. Recently, we've had to replace the balancers as well as internal wheels and also- the belt twice !! Luckily this is something my Husband can do, otherwise it's a costly fix and honestly, I'm not sure it would be worth it. While I feel it's a great product for someone who doesn't plan to move and doesn't have more than a couple people to do laundry for on a regular basis- it absolutely doesn't move well and as I stated, the drying time dramatically increased since we've gotten it. I wish it was still working as well as it did when we first got it, because it was an awesome product.

West Warren, MA


Crosley Electric Dryer

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