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Crest Tartar Protection Toothpaste

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Crest Tartar Protection Toothpaste: A return to the Basics


If you get tired of having so many toothpastes with so many different abilities, it might be a good idea to consider a return to basics. There are a few toothpastes that offer only a baseline level of protection and one of them is **Crest Tartar Protection Toothpaste.** **Toothpaste Commentary:** Crest Tartar Protection Toothpaste is a simple toothpaste that offers sodium fluoride to protect against cavities and special ingredients to protect against tartar formation. There are no special whiteners or other unique ingredients or abilities with this toothpaste. It takes care of the basics, and that is it. But just because there is nothing special in this toothpaste doesn't mean it is one to avoid. Frankly, I find these special abilities claimed by other toothpastes to be a tad exaggerated and only partially effective. With Crest Tartar Protection Toothpaste, you don't get any special claims. You just get a toothpaste that cleans effectively, protects against cavities, and fights the development of tartar. Some may argue that tartar protection is not a basic coverage, but I feel that it is, given how common it is to find toothpastes with this type of protection. A basic toothpaste product like Crest Tartar Protection Toothpaste has one other advantage: It is less expensive, at least for a Crest product. It is also a little more widely available- often found in carryouts and even in vending machines. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Crest Tartar Protection Toothpaste is a very good product for general dental care and it does a fine job cleaning and protecting teeth and gums. It doesn't claim to whiten teeth to the max or save the Earth, but it does clean the teeth very well and is a protect worth trying.

Houston, TX


Crest Tartar Protection toothpaste is great!


I have been very satisfied with Crest Tartar Protection toothpaste. I have always been partial to the Crest brand. I like using a well-known brand that has been around for a long time. When my children were young, I bought the Crest toothpaste for children. It was nice because they liked the flavor, and it seemed to help get them to brush their teeth. I really like the taste of Crest Tartar Protection toothpaste also. I like that it is a tasty mint flavor. And, I feel like I am doing something good for my teeth by using the tartar protection selection. I started using the tartar protection kind after my dentist recommended it. If you plan ahead you can usually find a good sale on Crest. Coupons for it also seem to come out on a regular basis.

Folsom, CA


Crest Tartar Protection leaves my teeth feeling clean and fresh.


I have used Crest Tartar Protection Toothpaste for years.  After brushing my teeth feel so clean and my mouth is fresh.  I regularly see my dentist where they comment on what little tartar build up there is.  I have tried other toothpaste and do not get the same results.  I love the flavor and the results.  I will never use another toothpaste.

Allen, TX


works good


For starters Crest offers good coupons and when used in conjunction with sales at a local grocery store works wonders. I like to stock up on Crest when the store sales are very active. Use coupons to save on neccessities so you can spend on the fun things and wants. Right now the toothpaste I am using is Crest Tarter Protection and it has a nice minty taste. I am not a fan of something that is too minty and this is just right. This toothpaste is one that both my husband and I can agree upon! This toothpaste is a nice consistency, not too runny or too thick. It squeezes out of the tube and on to your toothbrush smoothly. I enjoy the many different varieties that Crest offers in toothpastes. Overall, Crest is one of the higest quality toothpastes out on the market today. I have been using it for years and will definately not be stopping anytime soon. I can't wait til my daughter is old enough to use Crest toothpaste because than we can save even more money by not having to buy a special baby toothpaste.

Wichita, KS


Crest tatar Protection does a great job protecting my teeth


Crest tartar control toothpaste is a great product.  It cleans your teeth and protects them from tatar build up.  I love how my teeth look and feel after brushing them. They are always bright and I feel refreshed.  

Atlantic Highlands, NJ


Crest Tartar Protection Toothpaste is almost a loser.


Crest Tartar Protection Toothpaste is almost a loser, it's sad to say. This toothpaste was pretty dissapointing in several ways.  The first reason it was dissapointing is because the taste of it is not a good one.  It taste like paste not toothpaste and I didn't like to brush my teeth.  You have to brush your teeth in order for the toothpaste to work, but the taste of Crest Tartar Protection is so "undelicious" that I wanted to stop brushing my teeth, sortly after I started brushing.  By the way, I know that "undelicious" is "not" a word.  Anyway, what I don't understand is that if I were to make toothpaste, I would think the number one thing would be that the product would taste amazing.  I would want the buyer to come back and buy it again and again because it tastes great, and this product does not.  It's also hard to tell if this toothpaste was removing tartar from my teeth.  I will say that my teeth did seem smoother after using it for about a week but I think that toothpaste that is made to remove tartar should work a lot faster than that.  I also can't tell if it whitened my teeth, but part of the problem might have been because I wanted to stop brushing fast because I disliked the taste immensely.  I also found the price of this product to be "quite expensive" for the way it tasted and for the results that, in my opinion, I did not receive.  I would have to give this product a "3" on a scale of "1-10", and unfortunately, only "2 STARS".  I "cannot" recommend this product. You never know, just because I disliked the taste quite a bit, you might like it and you might use it long enough for it to work, like it claims it will.

Stockton, CA


Crest Tartar Protection Toothpaste

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