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Craftsman 29" Dual-Stage Snow Blower

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Only works on certain kinds of snow


We have had this thing for many years, and I rarely use it because if the snow isn't fresh and the weather is really cold, it won't through it - it just clogs up. Even in perfect conditions, it only throws the snow a few feet out of the way. It's engine does start easily and runs just fine, but the impeller is just a really poor design. Pass on this one and find something else that works in all kinds of snow and weather. Handling Transmission work fine, steers ok. Durability Runs good - we've had it for years and the only thing I have done to it is a new carb, and the carbs are dirt cheap. It was my fault for leaving stale gas in it. Never needed the electric start, but nice to know it's there, I guess. Ease of Use Poor design makes it impossible to use most of the time. Engine Power Never bogs down, but then again it's never had to work hard because the impeller is crap.



Powerful in heavy snow, but a bear to handle!


Powerful when the snow is powdery and deep, but a handful otherwise! Performance This thing just eats up snow, but the snow has to be powdery and dry; if it's wet, it clogs up the chute and the machine coughs up "snow bricks" out of its chute Handling This thing is difficult to handle, or even just to keep in a straight line. I gave the tires the right amount of air and adjusted the scraper height on the front of the machine, but this snow thrower wants to do anything but go in a straight line. It has real trouble in wet snow, spinning its wheels and making ruts and getting stuck in them. This machine is large and heavy, and it's not easy to back it out of a hole, even in reverse gear! Durability I've had no problems with durability, though. Everything seems to be built with heavier use in mind, and nothing has broken on my machine Ease of Use It takes a strong pair of hands to keep this snowblower in a straight line, which tends to wear down the user's hands after a while. The speed selector is notchy and stiff to operate, and the chute tends to go back to a middle position after one cranks it to the left or right Engine Power The engine has no problem handling the snowfall, however deep it gets; it's the machine's auger which sets the limit of what this snowblower can handle



Craftsman Snowblower is great!!


I just recently purchased a craftsman snowblower due to all the snow we get here, and it is a really good investment. It is very easy to use, very good product. I dont know how I lived here that long without a snowblower!! It has a wide path so it clears a path very quickly.

Ashland, PA


"Worth it!"


I am from MN, this was the year that made me step out of my comfort zone and somehow convincied my self to buy a snowblower after 5 years of hand lifting.I went for a Craftsman brand and boy I was pleased with my self. I cold see the smiles on my wife's face when she saw me at the dinner table at the right time. I am able to showel my driveway in a click. All it takes is 15 mins. and thas to it. No more nagging wife.

Eden Prairie, MN


Craftsman 29" Dual-Stage Snow Blower

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