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Craftsman 20-inch Hand Tool Box


Keep Your Tools Secure in This 20-Inch Hand Tool Box

The Craftsman 20-inch hand tool box is the most convenient way to keep your tools safe and easy to find when you need them. The comfort grip handle makes your equipment easy to carry, and the removable tote tray puts your most commonly used tools right on top, where you can grab them fast. All the hand tools you need for the job fit neatly in this strong, large-capacity carrier built with well-known Craftsman quality.

The 20-inch hand tool box has a sturdy lightweight construction of a rugged molded plastic that will not scratch surfaces, wherever you put it down. The two reliable eyebolt latches close the box tightly, and the padlock eye works with your own lock to keep your expensive tools secure. This tough, well-made black and red tool case lets you get right to work with the tools in good shape and close at hand.

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