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Craftsman 20" 4.0 Amp Hedge Trimmer


20" 4 Amp Hedge Trimmer Offers an Easy Way to Tidy Shrubs and More

The Craftsman 20" 4 amp hedge trimmer is a must-have tool for homeowners, gardeners and more. This powerful trimmer is perfect for cleaning up overgrown hedges, shrubs and bushes. With its rugged, 20-inch hardened steel blades and powerful 2/3-inch cutting capacity, you'll find few things you won't be able to clean and trim. The blades are dual action, which reduces vibration for an easy experience on your end.

Additionally, the 20" 4 amp hedge trimmer features a three-sided handle, allowing you to trim and work at multiple angles. The convenient, built-in cord lock system keeps the cord safely tucked away during use and storage, reducing tangling and accidental unplugging. You'll be confident in your purchase thanks to the included two-year limited warranty. Let this versatile Craftsman hedge trimmer help you make your home's shrubs and hedges the best looking on the block!

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Not too big, just perfect


I needed a trimmer for light duty trimming and tidying up the yard. I have quite a bit of jasmine, rosemary and lavender. All gets overgrown and wild in no time during the summer months. Nevertheless, I am not a big person, neither am I very strong. Therefore, my trimmer has to be lightweight. I would have rather had the cordless, but they are much too heavy for me. I was worried about cutting right through an electrical cord if I chose this option. However, that has never been an issue. There is a little hook to keep the cord out of harm's way. I have used this trimmer for over a year now with no issues. It cuts the rosemary with ease-even the heavier older bush. Some of those branches can get hard. The lavender has never looked as good as it does now. With the hand clippers, it looked choppy and uneven. Not now. It looks great. The jasmine is a challenge as well. It exudes a sticky substance when it is cut-somewhat of a defense mechanism I suppose. I thought that would be an issue for the trimmer, as it was for my hand trimmers. But no. I have not had one issue with the trimmers clogging up with sappy residue.

Davis, CA


Craftsman 20" 4.0 Amp Hedge Trimmer

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