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Craftsman 2-1/2 Ton Floor Jack, Low Profile


Lift heavy vehicles with the 2-1/2 Ton Floor Jack.

When it's time to crawl underneath your sports car, you need the Craftsman Low Profile Jack. This jack is specially designed for cars with a minimal ground clearance, so you can easily lift them without damaging the body. The jack sits at a starting height of 3-1/2 inches and will lift your car up to 14 inches off the ground, high enough so you can work on your car in comfort .

The 2-1/2 Ton Floor Jack holds up to 5,000 pounds and lifts easily with the pump handle. It can be difficult to perform routine maintenance on cars with low ground clearance, but this jack will give you more options. After lifting the vehicle, place support stands underneath to keep it secure while you tune it up. Once you're finished, turn the release valve to bring your car safely back down to the ground.

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Work very good, and worth the money..!


I am greatly impressed with the performance of this jack. It is very easy to place underneath the vehicle, and we may leave the vehicle sitting on the mechanical jack for an entire day. Despite of the negative reviews from another persons, I have had a great experience with this. It's really powerful, several years ago my trailer fell down, because its foundations were damaged and it was necessary to lift manually. I placed one of the jacks under one corner of the trailer, and we achieved lift one side of the trailer, and place the other mechanical jack, and worked equally lifting the other corner, we could do the foundations again, and I got an amazing experience. It's really awesome that it has not yielded to the weight of over 2 tons of the structure, and we could use it for a long time on other repairs and works, with no problems. recommended

Medley, FL

This is heavy duty but got my light duty job done too.


I am a smaller woman and had a little bit of trouble toting this jack out into my yard. It did save me in a pinch but it's primary use is with my boyfriends work. I was coming home from work one day and less than a tenth of a mile from my home I ran over a shard of metal I the highway. I immediately started to hear the thudding of a flat tire and knew that I didn't have the tools to fix it. I went ahead and drove my car the tenth of a mile to my home knowing that it would cause more damage, but that my options were limited. I live in a rural area and calling a repair company just seemed ridiculous as close as I was to my home. Once I got my vehicle home, I went into our garage and grabbed this jack. It was a bit heavy because I am small, but I manged to get it pulled out to my vehicle. After I got this jack under my car, it was very easy to use. I first took the lug nuts off of my tire and then began lifting the car up. It was hard to put the jack in the yard but super easy to use. I cannot complain about this jack because it saved me in a pinch. I am quite happy with this item and it worked out well for me. After I finished using this, I had my boyfriend put it away. My only complaint with this is the weight of it because it wasn't very user friendly in that regard.



Craftsman 2-1/2 Ton Floor Jack, Low Profile

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