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Craftmatic  Model I Adjustable Bed

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Too "Hospital" like


This bed is expensive, doesn't live up to the hype and comfort wise only got worse with time. Purchase this bed as I have MS and need to adjust my positions and sometimes spend all day in bed when I don't feel well. It works on the same concept as a hospital bed and soon felt like one too. Pros: Allows for many adjustment angles without needing pillows. Cons: Many! The bed is very expensive and can't change out the mattress. The large frame is very heavy and takes up a lot of room. Doesn't work well with bedding. Seems everytime I adjust it the bedding becomes undone and the sheets gets tangled . After a few weeks, my bed became very noisy. The Mfg said that was Normal and not "customer friendly". They refused to send anyone out to look at the bed to see if there was anything wrong with it. . Mattress soon became "lumpy" from adjusting it and now there is a permanent crease in the mattress (after only 4 months) that is very uncomfortable. Sorry but this bed has too many flaws to recommend. If you've ever spent time in an expensive hospital bed, you'll understand the problem I have with the crease,

Wimauma, FL


This is a fantastic nights sleep.


I have had back problems for several years.  My father told me to purchse the Craftmatic and I would sleep better, and I sure did.  It is the best thing for sleep next to Nyquil.  I bought the bed still unsure, and the first night, I had the most relaxing, restful sleep I've had in what seems like forever.  It is definitly worth it's weight in Gold!!

Newburg, PA


It hurts our backs.


A year and a half ago, we purchased a queen sized Craftmatic bed. We both suffer from low back pain and hip pain. I have arthritis in the form of lupus and osteoarthritis. We were desperately seeking a bed to give us some relief from pain so we could sleep. At first we were very hopeful with our new bed. It has a heating pad and the heat feels so good. It also has several massage features, but we found them annoying. While the massage and wave features are turned on, they make a loud noise and the vibration makes you feel funny even after it turns off. After sleeping on the bed for 18 months, our back pain is steadily getting worse. We have tried using several different positions with the head and foot settings, but nothing seems to help. The mattress seems to be too hard or something. I wouldn't recommend one since they are very expensive and nearly impossible to sell, especially at a price you can afford to take for the bed.

Carrollton, KY


my aunt


My aunt before she passed away had a craftmatic and she swares by the company . She said it was the most comfortable sleep she had in years. She said she love how she could sleep sitting up like she was still laying down because it was hard for her to breath. Her only complaint was the size of the frame.

Wildwood, NJ


Get the best nights sleep you've had in years!!!


I don't know what I would do without my CraftMatic II adjustable bed.  I used to think I slept well but then as I got older and the aches and pains of life started and I needed relief desperatly.  I found it with this bed.. Its easily adjustable to help you position your body in a completely relaxed and comfortable place. and you wont believe how rested you will feel after sleeping on it.. I occationaly go visit family/friends and after spending a night on a plain flat bed my entire body aches.  Please if you have a bad back or poor blood circulation give this bed a try and you will be singing their praises just like I am.. its the best money I ever spent.

Pikeville, KY


Craftmatic Model I Adjustable Bed

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