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Cook's Essentials
Cook's Essentials Mini Deep Fryer

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Cooks Essential Mini Deep Fryer does the brand proud!


The Cooks Essential Mini Deep Fryer is ideal for the single person home. It is just the right size for doing single servings and is also superb for those people who are interested in portion control. The design of this mini fryer allows you to achieve perfect results for your fried foods while using a minimum amount of cooking oil or grease. The mini fryer is just the right size that you can let it out on your kitchen counter for everyday use and you do not have to sacrifice a lot of counter space. The temperature control knob is very accurate for obtaining the desired temperature you need - I can say that with great confidence since I checked the temperature setting with a cooking thermometer. An extremely good investment for the minimal cost of this item!

Chicago, IL


this is perfect for cooking for 1 or 2 people.


i absolutely love this deep fryer.  my  kids are grown, so it's just my husband and myself.  the cook's seeential 1- quart stainless steel deep fryer is the perfect size to use for cooking french fries or battered shrimp for the two of us.  it comes back up to temperature very quickly in between batches.  i do wish the bowl could be removed for cleaning, but it's small enough to just wash by hand.  the small size also really saves on how much oil you are required to use, so it also saves you money.  this deep fryer also only takes up about a quarter of countertop space as my other, larger deep fryer.

Shawnee, OK


Cook's Essential's Stainless steel 1 quart mini fryer (Awsum)


 I  love this and my family also loves Cook's essentials stainless steel 1 quart mini fryer personal use fryerlator; It is small deep fryer with a magnetic safety cord thats comes unplugged if a person or a young child was to hit the fryer on the counter accidently, it will unplug and its also hot resistant on the outside so no one can get burned if they were to touch it, It has a **** so you can control the tempature and be ablle to use it at the degree's needed for what ever you are going to be making for your own self, It is awsum for a single person where there is only yourself to feed or you can also  use it for the whole entire family and be able to put in just the right amount according to how mush of what  ever it is you are making for your family memembers, It is so easy to clean and take care of and is also great for the whole family to use, Even if you have never used one before there is nothing to it, Just  not for children to use without parent supervision,It is small and will fit in a small space in your cabinet or on your counter in the corner.I think that everyone should own one of these themselves and enjoy all the fried foods you can have.You can fdind this Item on  Qvc.com,

Somerville, MA


Cook's Essentials Mini Deep Fryer

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