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Consumer Cellular

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Don't sign up just because they say your phone is compatable


I was told my Samsung S8 was compatible with their system. Install the new sim card they sent and all seemed good with the world for several weeks. Then I couldn't answer group text by could change to regular text mode and could answer the orginal sender. Then I fould I could not send pictures any more. Later could no longer answer group text for could no longer change over to text mode. Another week passed and then found I could no longer schedule text messages. Different menu came up but schedule message was ont on it. Then if message was over half page it would not send. Just sit there and little blue wheel just spined around and message never sent. I was able to select the bottom portion of the text and cut or move it to clipboard. then was able to send smaller text. Then that function also went away. Consumer Cellular just said my phone was no longer compatible with their system and could solve the problem if I bought a new Samsung phone for $700 to $800. To expensive price to pay for fixing their problem.

Davidson, NC

this company is preying on Seniors!!!!


This is the worst company I have ever been dealing with. They prey on seniors who don't know what they are doing and that is how they make their money,,,I am going to file a class action to against this company..My neighbor is 73 yrs old and when I saw his first bill I told him he needed to stay with the other company that he is with because they are ripping him off. He did and now they took $75 out of his account..This company is the most pathetic company I have ever seen!!!





No reception, dropped calls, .....no help from customer service. Worst service company out there.....besides UAL.

McAlester, OK


no contract


this phone service is fraudlent. your on a no contract prepay plan and when you cancell your service they call you and tell you that you owe them money. how can you owe money on a no contract prepay phone service? they charge me 79.00 dollars after i cancelled and said they are going to charge me 10.00 more a month until i pay them. i refuse to pay what i dont owe so they had collection agency call me and say i signed agreement with them and they are lying. i never signed anything. i only talked to them on the phone never any paper work between us

coloma michigan


the law of diminishing returns has set in


they used to be cheap and friendly and capable. Now they are just cheap. If you build a better mousetrap, it may be trampled by the stampede. Keep shopping consumers, this is not the place to park your cell phone. Trust me.

Orlando, FL


Horrible horrible customer service.


Horrible customer service. Do not suggest this company at all. Plans might be cheap but not worth the customer service that you get. On the phone 30+ min with a "representative" only to get hung up on when I ask for a supervisor.



Disappointing service


Since Consumer Cellular is heavily promoted by AARP in mailings and on the website, I thought I would share my disappointment in Consumer Cellular after giving them a try. I ordered the service with much difficulty, then received a sim card in the mail. Two representatives on two occasions said I could activate at the end of the month and would not be charged, but when I called to activate I learned I was charged from the beginning of the month. I could dispute the charge when they bill came or I could cancel because I was within 45 days and there would be no charge. They left me no choice but to cancel. Receiving totally different information and dealing with a rude phone representative was too much. I was hoping for decent service at a better rate. I got out before it was too late.

Chicago, IL


Consumer Cellular rocks


They have excellent support and service...Thanks!!!

Carrollton, Texas


They'll tell you whatever you want to hear


This company is a joke, all talk. The representatives take advantage of their elderly customers and many times sell them what they don't need. I was always adjusting accounts of over sold customers paying FAR to much for their plans. Half the calls you receive as a call center employee are angry customers who have phones that won't work, the other 47% is of customers who want adjustments or to use the warranty plan or pay a bill. Don't be fooled, because the company will sucker you into believing you will make all kinds of money in sales but you won't because all of the sales go to the new people in training who have no clue what their doing, don't receive bonuses and often sell the customers something they don't need. You might make a few sales but most likely you will make unnecessary sales. Oh and fyi, the "leaders" will not understand any honest mistake you make, you will be written up over every honest mistake without hesitation and if you dispute anything you will be fired without a second thought. I would give 0 stars of I could. Other companies may cost more but you get what you pay for. Tmobile has always been great for me even though I pay more I would not switch because I always have coverage, never get dropped calls and I talk to a person without holding if I need to make an adjustment. Oh and just so you know, they tell their employees "customer service doesn't mean customer satisfaction". So there you have it, that's consumer cellular in a nutshell.

Redmond, OR


Good Plans - poor customer service.


I have been dealing with a problem with my phone for over a month now. Customer service reps stated that I would receive a new phone but a "supervisor" seems unwilling to abide by their decision. Seems like that ore not on the same page.



Consumer Cellular

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