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Conair ThermaCELL Cordless Compact Curler, TC603-06

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Convenient but I am not so sure about using butane near my hair.


***Quick View:*** I had a similar curling iron years ago and lost it. I bought this one for on the go but find I rarely need it. Everywhere I go has outlets! Plus I am a bit leery of butane so near my hair.***About ThermaCELL by Conair Cordless Compact Curler*** This curler comes with a 5/8" barrel cordless compact curler with an optional curling brush, a butane cartridge, and a carry case. This takes no batteries and uses no outlets. It runs on butane cartridges. It is easy to use. Just twist in the cartridge, and turn the iron on. It heats up amazingly fast and gets very hot. It curls fairly well but the barrel is quite small for hair of my long length. Still, it does curl as well as a plug in curing iron of the same size. The barrel is about half the length of a regular curling iron which, again for me, is a negative because of my very long hair. This is best for short and medium length hair. When you are done with the curler, turn it off, remove the cartridge, and store it all in the heatproof carry case. It's best to let it cool off obviously before storing it. Sometimes, turning in ON button doesn't get it started. If that happens, I have to push the button several times like lighting a lighter. That is just creepy. I mean butane literally on my hair? All I can think of is a headful of fire. In all, this does work and it does heat up to an incredible temperature. I suppose, if you need something compact for touch ups or whatever, this would work well. I haven't found a use for it. I stay in hotels when I travel and I generally don't curl my hair when I am hiking or away from an outlet. Plus, I am very leery of the butane although I have had no issues with it sparking or anything. ***My Viewpoint*** This compact curler has a place in some people's lives but I can't really find one in mine. I don't rely a curling iron for my style so I only use one when I feel like it. I think, if I had short or medium hair and used a curling iron everyday, I might find much more use for this. Still, I would be leery of curling my hair with a butane cartridge making the heat. ***I am going with 3 stars***. Use with caution, though, please.

The heart of , NY


Best invention ever for straight hair.


I've owned a Conair butane hair curler for over 10 years.  It works beautifully.  I use it most days and need to replace the cylinder about twice a year.  It's so much better than electric curlers with cords in the bathroom and an absolute essential for a person with horrible straight hair that often needs tweaking to look presentable.  I hope they don't ever stop making this product.

San Pedro, CA


Just ok. I think they used to be better!


I used to have one of these back in the day, when I'd have to touch up my "big hair" during the day!  Then I went for years without a curling iron at all because I didn't need one.  So when I got my last haircut and had a need for a curling iron in spots, I decided to get another Conair Thermocell curling Iron.  The first thing I noticed was that it was made much cheaper than in the "olden days" of the early 90's.  It looked cheaper and felt cheaper.  The next thing I noticed was that the curling iron lacks the hot punch that it used to have.  I can't complain too much because in a pich when I'm traveling, I can acheive a decent hairstyle using this iron.  But is this was 14 years ago, there's no way this curling iron would give me enough power to sufficiently curl my hair for the style I had back then!  So if you just need somethng to give you a little bend nd body to your hair, this will work for you.  If you have harder to curl hair or need, say, ringlets, this may not be powerful enough! 

Schaumburg, IL


Conair ThermaCELL Cordless Compact Curler, TC603-06

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