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Compaq Presario Notebook PC

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very dependable and ready when you are


This is a great laptop for home or on the go use. It is dependable and easy to use. They can be expensive if bought with an extended warranty. But, yet might be worth it for some. They are slim and not heavy. They are easy to use with a router or with dsl and even dial up. They come in many sizes of gigabyte hard drives. The bigger the better. In any case they are worth the money.

Seneca, SC


overall good laptop,


overall good product, was not happy it comes with windows vista, it's too new and some programs won't work on it, but for the price it is a good product and I would recomend to anyone who needs just a basic system and internet accsess.  It takes a while to boot up, but all in all is a realitively fast system

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Well...for the price it's good


For the price, this is a good computer. The hardware breaks a lot, however. I've had to replace the keyboard twice (and it's broken again), and there is a piece on the edge that is constantly falling off. As far as internally, the computer is fast and good quality. This laptop is pretty heavy. Next time I purchase a laptop I'm definitely going lighter.

Gainesville, FL


It has been a work horse for over three years without 1 problem.


  I am in sales, I purchased this unit to take care of all my notes and my apointments and such. It quickly became my dependable unit for all my home activities as well.... It is easy to use and has never given me a bit of trouble over the 3 plus years that I have had it. I have had several offers to sell it to friends and work mates alike. I will have to go to a newer model sometime in the future, however.....I think I will keep this for a back up..... I love the big screen, the key pad touch and feel.... I was warned about compaq equipment, but went with it anyway. Im glad I did.   Philip Race

Decatur, IL


Economically Priced


The Compaq Presario is economically-priced. It is good for general use and activities.  However, I use my computer for literally everything, and the Compaq is not the best quality of laptop out there.  If you are looking for really high performance, Compaq is not for you. If you just need it for daily, regular activites (like checking email and playing some games), then it is perfect for that.

Logan, UT


Compaq Presario Notebook PC

4.2 5