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Infant Car Seats
Combi Centre DX Infant Car Seat

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GREAT, lightweight, easy to use/maintain.


this is a great carseat... used it from the day we took her home from the hospital. i actually have 2 and she was very tiny so this car seat was a better fit than the other one we had. i highly recommended this to everyone, especially if your baby is petite. It is very lightweight, and easy to use.  plus the lining comes off easily for when you need to throw it in the wash. and it snaps right onto the stroller for your convience, especially when they're sleeping and you don't want to wake them up while taking them out of the car seat, just snap it on the stroller and go. it also has different adjustments so they can lie back or sit up... also has a snap in base which is very good when you are constantly taking them in and out of the car. plus it also has hooks to strap the car seat down if you need to switch cars and don't have the base handy. it was actually pretty inexpensive plus i found it on sale online so that was even better. it was a great buy, and worth the money!

Kaneohe, HI


It's Okay


We bought the Combi car seat and stroller (Travel System) together. I just want to start off by saying don't waste your money on the stroller (unless they've improved it). It is very hard to maneuver. It is great for traveling in airports but that's it. I highly recommend getting the Bob stroller. Now about the car seat: The canopy doesn't stay up and really doesn't do a good job on keeping the sun out of the baby's eyes. The base is nice because you don't have to deal with a seat belt but sometimes I find it very difficult to lift the leaver to remove the car seat from the base. The more practice the better I am at it but still it would be nice if there was an easier solution. The other feature I don't really care for is when you're buckling in the baby you have to combine the two harness buckles together and clip it in. In my toddlers car seat you can do them separate (I hope I'm making sense). It holds up to 22 lbs. so by the time your baby is ready to be facing forward (if you choose to turn them at one year of age) you'll have to get a new car seat. The nice thing is you don't have to take your baby out of the car seat to get into the store (baby can stay asleep). We got this car seat in 2007 and my second daughter is now using it (no reason to buy another car seat). I do feel confident if we were to get into a crash she would be safe. I have seen other car seats that look more comfortable but this one does the job.

Bozeman, MT


Sturdy, but uncomfortable


My biggest complaint about this carseat was the awkwardness of carrying it. The way the handle was configured made walking and carrying it with one hand very difficult. Even my 6 foot brother had trouble with it, and he definitely was stronger than me. The fabric on the carseat was not very breathable and made my daughter sweat a lot. Also, it didn't seem to "surround" and protect her as much as I would have liked.  When I looked at other infants in the carseats (specifically the Graco SnugRides), they always looked cozier and more protected. However, the sturdiness of the carseat is to be commended. I've seen older model carseats that didn't look as if they would withstand in a crash, and though this carseat didn't seem to surround my daughter as much, it also looked as if it would witstand a crash. The carseat was also heavy, but I wasn't able to compare the weight to other carseats, so it could be that that is just standard in infant carseats. The best review I can say is that for my next child, we are going with a different carseat instead of re-using this one.

Pleasant Grove, UT


The Combi Centre DX isn't quite a bang for your buck


I bought this car seat for my sister's child and has been nothing but problems ever since.  The clip on the buckle broke, the seat is uncomfortable, and the child hates it!  This was such an expensive car seat, and it upset me that I spent so much money on a piece that would just break like that.  Preferably, I won't be buying from this company again, because I thought price and quality went hand in hand.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.  It is also very large, and doesn't quite fit right in the seat of the car.  The material on the bottom has even started ripping.  Next time, I think that I will do some major research before buying on a whim.  Hopefully, this company can get things together and start producing some quality items.  They need to provide better warranties also; this one was only for 6 months!  Even at that, it was a pain trying return it to the store, and get my money back on it. 

Oscoda, MI


Combi Centre DX Infant Car Seat

3.3 4