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Colgate Luminous Enamel Strengthening Toothpaste

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The whitest teeth possible.


Over the years I have tried a few bleaching products. They worked ok, but the effects were not long lasting for this coffee/tea drinker.I did have longer lasting effects by ending up with sensitive teeth.Then I found the Colgate Luminous toothpaste.Your teeth are gently whitened. With continued use, they stay that way.It does not hurt sensitive teeth. It does not burn my lips like many toothpastes do.It is supposed to strengthen tooth enamel. I like that benifit also.

Unionville, MO


Love the taste of cologate luminous toothpaste


Colgate Luminous Enamel Stengthening toothpaste is one of the best toothpastes I have ever used! the taste and texture of the colgate luminous enamel stregthening toothpaste are great and pleaseing, not too minty. it's really nice and fresh and makes my mouth feel clean for hours which is what I love! the colgate luminous enamel strengthening toothpaste is one of the few toothpastes I will buy and is steadly becoming my all time favorite toothpaste. what more could a person want then a toothpaste that gives you a great, fresh, clean feeling that lasts for hours and is easy on the wallet? Colgate luminous enamel stregthening toothpaste is also gentle enough for me to use even though I have sensative teeth which is awesome since all those sensative teeth toothpastes can be rather exspensive. so if oyu want a fresh, clean whole mouth feeling give Colgate luminous enamel stregthening toothpaste a try and you won't be let down

Worcester, MA


Colgate Luminous Toothpaste


I have used many different brands and types of toothpaste and I am currently using this one. Usually, I buy whatever toothpaste is on sale, within reason. I like the Colgate Luminous Enamel Strengthing Toothpaste about as much as any other brand I have used brfore. The taste is not overbaring and it is refreshing when I brush. I brush every morning (sometimes noon) and every night before bed. Although I like that it does not burn my mouth when I use it, my breath does not seem to stay as fresh for as long because of it. Despite the fact that it does not burn, I wish the minty fresh scent lasted longer on my breath. I have not noticed if my teeth have been any whiter or not since I have started using it. I do not whiten my teeth because I think that "whitening" can actually wear away the healthy layer of enamel on my teeth. I do not know for a fact that it does, but I am leary of whitening strips, treatment, ect. As to the enamel strengthing claims, I have never had enamel problems and my enamel has not changed since using this toothpaste.  All in all, I do not overly like or dislike this toothpaste. It

Bennington, VT


colgate luminous enamel strengthening toothpaste is awsome.


colgate luminous enamel strengthening toothpaste is awsome. When you put the tooth paste is opened in the morning it is a sparkling gem ready to go on your tooth brush. It sparkles and shines like diamonds. Once you put it on the brush it is like a rush of flavor and tingling little diamonds rush your mouth with a cleaning action you can feel. After brushing your teeth are white and clean. You have bright white teeth. It also gives you fresh breath that lasts for hours.

Webb City, MO


Colgate Luminous Enamel Strengthening Toothpaste

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