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Coleman PerfectFlow 9924-700 Propane Grill

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Great for Camping


We bought this grill to take on family camping trips, and it has worked great for us. It needs to be used carefully since it cooks so quickly, but it is good. Performance This grill does a great job at cooking, but it also cooks extremely fast. The amount of propane feeding the flame can be adjusted, but the adjustment is very finicky. There is a fine line between medium-high and extremely-high, and it doesn't go much lower than medium-high. So on one hand, it is nice to be able to cook quickly. But on the other hand, one must watch food very carefully to prevent burning and sticking to the pan. The first time I tried making apple pancakes on this grill we ended up eating carbon pancakes. Ease of Cleaning If food spills down to the bottom between the burners it can be a bit difficult to get out, but otherwise, it is very easy to clean. Design It would be nice if the propane tank could be fit inside the grill for traveling, but otherwise, the design is very nice. The lid closes well, and it sits nicely when opened, with pieces to help block the wind and prevent the flame from being blown out.



Coleman PerfectFlow 9924-700 Propane Grill

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