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Coby - Platinum Jammers

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Coby Platinum Jammers rock out loud!


When you buy some in ear headphones "Ear Buds"you know that alot of the brands out there have terrible quality. The top brands you always hear are Bose, Skullcandy, Sony, and a few others. However this is one pair of headphones that will not let you down in quality.  Bass is excellent it beats out most ear buds by far. If you turn them up even slightly with base boosting EQ you get the effect as if you were listening to a high quality pair of over ear headphones.   Sound range is excellent as it hears sounds from 16 Hz to 20K Hz.  Volume is moderate for ear buds, Not as loud as skull candy ink'd but they are still ample loud for the average person.  The design is interesting as they use metal casings for the ear bud parts, The only down fall of this is that they make a klink noise every time they touch together.  They come in a wide variety of colors and are look great with that shiny metal. The audio plug is gold plated and has great connection to your device/port with almost no static. I would recommend these 100% and they are great for the price, they beat out my Skullcandy Ink'd, Samsung Bass Booster Ear Buds, and another pair of high quality Samsung Ear Buds.  You can't go wrong with these. However the only draw back is the rubber tip that goes in your ear is terrible. However you can fix this by using your tips you received from skull candy or what not. Yet it is not to much of a disturbance but you do notice improvement if you replace them.

Washington, MI


Coby - Platinum Jammers

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