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Coby Headphones

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Awful cheap earbuds


Coby headphones are often terrible, and the CVE51s are no exception. The sound with these is very tinny, and it's bad enough to ruin the listening experience. I also found these not to be durable... after a few months of use, the left side fell mute. (They were so cheap I didn't bother trying to return them to the manufacturer.) These would be awful even if they had lasted though. Coby is the bottom of the line for headphones, and in this case you truly do get what you pay for. It's worth investing a little more, as the quality would be a huge step up. Stock iPod earbuds are much better, low-end Sony earbuds are better... pretty much anything you find will outperform Coby. Sound Quality too tinny, sound is awful Durability broke after a few months

Sunnyvale, CA


Coby CVE51 Headphones are cute & they work ok.


Coby CVE51 Headphones are cute and cool to look at but they work okay. There's nothing special about the sound they give out. They are good at keeping the noise that might surround you out, when you're listening to music though. In other words, they will block out most of the external noise. They are good at letting the base sound through if you like playing sounds with a lot of base. It has a pretty stereo plug, which will fit most machines. I love the choice of colors these come in and the design is tres chic and quite unique. The best thing going for these headphones is that they are space-aged looking and the choice of colors is very bright. Depending on where you buy these you can get a "one year warranty". These headphones are very "delicate" and on the "small" size, but that means you can take them anywhere with you. That's a definite plus. I think the price is a little high for the quality of these headphones, but they will work great with CD players or with a tape player. I give the "Coby CVE51 Headphones" a "5.5" on a scale of "1-10" and since there is nothing really special about them, except for the design, I can only give them "3 STARS".

Stockton, CA


Coby Headphones

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