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Cobra - XRS Radar Detector

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I Hate This Radar Detector - Total Piece of Crap


My parents got me the Cobra Electronics XRS 9330 Radar Detector when I graduated from college before I drove across the country. This is one of the most confusing things I've ever owned. It appears to pick up and display 23490346926 different kinds of radar, and you never know which one is actually a cop or not. After a few days of jamming on the breaks regularly to absolutely no one being around, in areas where there was no chance that a speed trap could ever be hidden (have you ever driven across Kansas? Somehow I don't think the cops are sitting in the middle of the corn field, call me crazy, but that'd probably be one pissed off farmer. Or New Mexico, nothing but open stretches as far as you can see). The real deal breaker was as a sailed past a cop in Nevada doing 90 and as he pulled up behind me and turned the lights on in his cruiser, THAT was when the detector started to beep. I pulled it off the dash and haven't used it since. 

Rahway, NJ


Got me out of at least one!


This Radar dectector is pretty good.  Line of sight, slight hills and gradual turns great.  K and KA bands are awesome (even before hills and most turns). L band isn't that great because by the time you see him, he's got you.  Unfortunately, I did get pulled over and not because of the radar dectector not detecting (I was just being an idiot).  The officer noticed my radar dectector and told me not to rely on it and then handed me a ticket.  So I'm pretty sure he wasnt happy that I had one and might have let me off easier if I didn't. Who knows? Another thing that bothers me about this dectector is that whenever I pass an electronic road sign (the ones which tell you your speed or that exit 14 will be closed) it picks it up and harasses me to no end with sqwaking!  The radar dectector is doing it's job perfectly by detecting the K band but I wish those darn signs were on a different wave!  I would reccomend this to anyone who speeds a little bit. :)

Carmel, NY


I would not drive without my Cobra Electronics 9330 Radar Detect


**Cobra Electronics XRS 9330 Radar Detector I would not drive without it in my car. It has saved me from getting tickets. I encourage all my friends to get one. If we take a friends car I take my Cobra Radar Detector and put it into their car. Don't leave home without it in my car**

Wappingers Falls, NY


Cobra - XRS Radar Detector

3.3 3