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Cobra - XRS Radar Detector

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cobra always does excite me...


This was one of my first radar detectors i had. as soon as i turned 16 i bought one. i can tell you to steer clear of this all of my friends will agree with me. you should steer clear of anything that has the name cobra written on it as they all are garbage. this thing will give you false signals all day. whether you drive past a bank, a grocery store whatever it may be. In my honest opinion you should just shell out some extra cash and go for either the valentine one. or the Escort 9500 they are the only two that i would ever trust or invest in. this radar is great if you are trying to spend money and look cool.. but, in reality. it does nothing it is better off as just a show piece. i am not trying to be completely rude. but this is marketed at people who would buy their stuff at a store like wal mart.. people that will by this probably know that they are not getting the best quality to begin with. 

Justice, IL


Cobra - XRS Radar Detector

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