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Clinique Skin Care System

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The best moisturizer money can buy!!!!!


Clinique's SUPER DEFENSE TRIPLE ACTION MOISTURIZER WITH SPF 25, DRY TO VERY DRY SKIN is the best moisturizer for my dry, sensitive skin, hands down!  This thick, rich, cream helps my make-up glide on smoothly with a bonus of 25 SPF.  It's also loaded with antioxidants and protects skin from both indoor and outdoor pollutants.  It smooths the rough patches and my skin drinks the moisture.  Though I use the "dry to very dry" formulation, it isn't greasy at all.  It's one of Clinique's pricier skin care items, but a bargain for all it does!  The main benefit is people asking what I'm using that makes my skin look so good!!!! 

Mount Airy, NC


some are good.


 I have used a lot of Clinique brand product, I'm satisfied with the following :  1. the magnetic field moisturizing gel : not use every day. If I feel there is little risk of oil before I go to bed and after the daily routine skin care,I will use it. Just use little, I feel cool and moisture, and it keep oil and water in my face balanceable. I look great next morning. 2. Clinique Take the Day Off makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips.the purple liquid.It's super well, don't irritate eyes, clean deep enouth.It is recommended! 3. eyeliner : this is one of my best unexpected discovery that I have ever found.Almost all the brand has a reputation would not dizzy catch, but still have some,just see which one can stick longer.It may be sticking the longest I have found.It seems to keep almost a whole day,that's longer lasting than MAKE  UP  FOREVER  and M.A.C . 4.Toner smells much alcohol.At first I'm not used to, but it can clean off some dark and sallow horny tissue of the skin so that the skin don't develop acne,especially for area between the eyebrows, nose and chin.

South Bend, IN


I tried many products and this line is the best so far


This is the only balanced line I found so far. The gel cleanser has been the only one to fully remove eye make up and deep clean my pores. The moiserizers are really good, both day and night ones, which are never oily/greasy feeling but are hydrating/light and dry fast! The eye cream is very nice too, the all about the eyes one. A lot of eye creams leave a sensation that is ackward, but this one is the best, light and fresh. I tried decent products like Orgins, Philosophy, Bobbi Brown, Kiehl's, Lancome, MD Skincare, Shiseido, Murad, and so on - most are good but Clinique is the best so far. I did want to try Bliss or Shu uemura but havent yet, I wonder how they compare to clinique. The only product I don't really like is that yellow face lotion.  

Seattle, WA


wonderful~~makes your skin feel smooth


i absolutely love Clinique mild facial foaming soap.  it is really good for sensitive skin.  would recommend to anyone!!! then the clarifying lotion makes your skin feel refreshed and clean.  The dramatic difference lotion is very smooth and does not aggravate your skin.  if you are going to work out or play some b-ball it doesn't even wear off.  Completely wonderful!!!!

Athens, TN


Notice a great difference within two weeks!


I use the Acne Solutions 3 Step and the Turnaround Concentrate and my skin is the clearest it has been in 8 years!! It is expensive to start but well worth it for those who suffer from skin problems ranging from acne to aging!

Stockbridge, GA


it's good in the summer


I think this face wash in the cold winter drys out your face quick!  I had to switch to the new redness reducer because even with lotion this face wash left my face dry.-- but it's good during the hot summer

Omaha, NE


Clinique Skin Care System

4.5 6