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Clear Eyes
Clear Eyes Maximum Redness Relief 1 fl oz

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Makes my eyes clear


I have worked in front of a computer screen for many years so its taken a toll on my eyes. My eyes get so dried out that they get red and itchy. I use Clear Eyes Maximum Redness Relief and it adds the moisture back into my eyes. I've tried other eye drops and they just don't work. I end up using more then i should because it doesn't provide the relief i need. So I keep a bottle in my desk at work to help when my eyes get dry.



This is my every-day drop!


I use a computer a lot, at home and in the office.  This is my stand by, every-day eye drop.  There is nothing fancy about the product, it just does the job.  And, does it well.  I keep it in my office drawer and sort of panic if I can't find it.  I feel alive after using the drops.  No more dry eyes.  Plus, my eyes are really sensitive, and i've used these after I've goten makeup in my eye - so that I don't look like I've got some sort of disease!  It gives me nice clear eyes every time!  Since I have customer meetings sometimes, and with two kids at home, sometimes my eyes are really red from lack of sleep/ stress.  This drops really make a difference.  I couldn't be as effective in my job, looking tired or stressed.  I have to portray calm, and upbeat. These drops help me with that, even if it's not true, and I really could use a few more hours of sleep! Nothing fancy, just good ole eye drops!

Cayce, SC


Clear Eyes gets the red out


From time to time I suffer an annoying burning sensation in my eyes particularly at night or after doing strenuous eye usage like using a computer or reading.   It is accompanied by redness and stinging which is absolutely intolerable.  I experience it quite frequently as I have just acquired wearing glasses so my eyes have quickly degenerated and I do experience this sensation frequently.  I have been using Clear Eyes Maximum Redness Relief eyedrops to remedy the situation.  Available at your local drugstore usually in a 1oz bottle, the eyedrops work quickly to relieve the symptoms of burning accompanied by redness acquired by stress and environmental conditions.  After applyin one or two drops to each eye Clear Eyes almost immediately takes over and the eyes feel a soothing feeling take over and soon the redness that had accumulated has disappeared.  It works really well, makes your eyes feel really good and fresh again.

Bloomfield, NJ


Clear Eyes Maximum Redness Relief 1 fl oz

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