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Clarins After Sun Moisturizer with Self Tanning Action

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Excellent color


As with all Clarins products, this is yet another wonderful product. After spending time in the sun when skin is dry and dehydrated, this cream nourishes the skin with moisture while giving your skin a nice glow. The color is natural looking unlike other products that give off an orange hue. It is also a gradual color that doesn't look fake. It goes on smooth and never leaves a streaking look as many self tanners do. Clarins, made with all plant extracts is healthy and gives the skin a healthy dose of moisture without any fear of allergic reactions. I would recommend this product to anyone who has sensitivity in any way to cosmetics. The nature of Clarins products is always clean and natural. Ease of Application This moisturizing product has a very creamy smooth texture that makes application quick and easy. The color is subtle and no worry of the streaking affect. Longevity You will love the lasting natural color



Great clarins product


I really like Clarins products and to date I haven't found any that haven't lived up to or exceeded my expections. This After Sun Moisturizers with Self Tanning action is no exception. As a rule, I'm not a self-tanner or a tanner at all; however, I had an event that I was going to in which being as pale as I am would have been strictly out of place. So, what was I to do but step into the foray and try a product. Likely, I chose to try this one. Firstly, I have sensitive skin and am allergic to many chemicals, so my choices are limited. Some of the others I considered smelled less than desirable. This product did not have a foreboding scent. Likewise, when I tested amongst my choices, some look decidedly like I would end up looking like an orange or tangerine. This product did not make me look this way. Additionally, I did not break out from any allergic reaction. Although I don't anticipate needing the product for many outings, I am comforted in knowing how well it performs when I will need it!

Sacramento, CA


Awesome Tanner and Moisturizer!


I lived in Japan for several years and they don't believe in tanning... what's a California girl to do?! I actually ended up getting paler while I lived there (and I'm fair to begin with), even though I got more time out in the sun... weird. So, I desperately searched for self tanners, cause who feels sexy in a mini and blindingly white legs. But it was near to impossible to find outside of Tokyo, which is where I was. On a trip back from Thailand I had some time to kill so I was doing some duty free shopping in the airport and VIOLA! they had self tanners. I bought the bottle of Clarins and brought it back to Japan. I had gotten burnt in Thailand, like I always do, and I was expecting to peel and be pale again. But I used this stuff when I got back and it not only helped heal my burn it kept up my tan for weeks! Plus it built a tan long after my real one was gone. It's natural looking, not orangey, and it doesn't smell bad like most self tanners.

Watsonville, CA


Clarins After Sun Moisturizer with Self Tanning Action

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