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Circulon 50922 CIRCULON INDUCTION BRNR Electric Burners. Induction burner Cooktop

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Sounds good, but don't use it as much as I thought


I am giving this product a three because I really thought I was going to use it more than I am. I bought a few pans to go with it. This product, and any other induction cooktop, requires special cookware to be used on it. You can't just use any old pan, or it won't heat up. I really need a large pot, and then I think I'd use it more often. As far as the product quality goes, it is really good. I like that it saves so much on electricity as opposed to a basic electric cooktop. None of the heat gets wasted, because it only conducts heat where the pan sets on it. You can even touch the other part of the burner with your finger, and it will not burn you. It does heat up fast as promised, with very high temperature capabilities. I would like to see more of these pots an pans available to purchase. Temperature Control Extreme highs and lows available. Heat Distribution Evenly distributes heat. Durability Good, nice and sturdy. Design Goes with the rest of your kitchen decor Ease of Cleaning Burner is easy to clean, wipes off easily.



Good little burner


I really like have this extra burner in my collection. I use it when I need an extra burner around the holidays and it is a great extra to have. My favorite function is the temperature control. You can set the temperature and can trust that you will get the desired degrees for accurate cooking. The heat distribution is very even. The down fall is that it does take a little longer to reach the temperature you want or to get boiling water. I also have to say that the cord is very short so finding a convenient pace is limited. The design is good and easy for storage. Cleaning is simple because the size of the burner is equivalent to most of the average sized pots out there. small medium pots work best I wouldn't use a big one because the burner will not hold it efectively.

Portland, OR


Circulon 50922 CIRCULON INDUCTION BRNR Electric Burners. Induction burner Cooktop

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