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Chicco C5 Twin Umbrella Stroller - Alaska

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A must have product for a mom of 2!


This stroller has been a live saver for having two young boys. It is easy to open up and comfy for the kids. It is not as bulky as others and is easy to carry when folded up. Design Build with safety straps that are adjustable are a must with growing kids. There is also nice space in the bottom of the stroller for diaper bags, blankets, or a purse. The color is also nice, because if it gets dirty its easy to hide, and wipes well if there is a spill. The material is great and durable and does not rip. Safety Has adjustable straps and buckles. This stroller also has 3 safety locks on the back, that work fantastic, even if only one of them is being used. Child Comfort The seats recline back if needed. The straps around arms can also be taken off, and just the bottom buckles used, and still is safe and comfy. Maneuverability Is a little hard to get through door ways, but it is possible. Can be used one handed and works great! Durability Having had this product for a few years and have borrowed it to friends, it has worked great for all of us. It seems like it will last a couple more babies before we need to purchase new.



Chicco C5 Twin Umbrella Stroller - Alaska

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