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Chicco C5 Stroller

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Almost Perfect!


We purchased this stroller for my son who was born in 2006. It's a shame they don't make this stroller anymore, but I know the Liteway has replaced it and looks just as good, possibly better. Still this stroller I'd say is almost perfect! There may be some floating around somewhere out there! It is easy to fold, very compact. It reclines and the foot rest can be used up or down which is a big perk! I have been very impressed with the quality of Chicco products. Sure beats spending the money on the more expensive brands, only to get less options and in some cases, cheaper materials! I feel this stroller is a reasonable price for the quality. Ours held up very, very well! We actually ended up trading it in for a double stroller as we had a second child, but just purchased another Chicco stroller yesterday! My ONLY complaint about it was that when it's folded, the edge of the canopy rubs on the wheels, you could avoid it, but it took time and consideration to do so, no problem if you're aware of it, I wasn't until I saw the canopy looked a bit dirty! Still no biggie, it was a minimal problem, not enough to make me never purchase one again. Also, the awesome material Chicco uses for their strollers comes clean with a little oxyclean/water on a washcloth. If we ever had any dirt, just wiped it down and looked good as new!!

Columbia, SC


Chicco C5 Stroller

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