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Chase - Platinum MasterCard

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A Great Card to Own


This card the Chase Platinum Credit Card is a good one because it gives me an very high credit limits and does offer a grace period.  I was also able to increase my credit limit and that was a very good thing for me and my family. It is accepted throught out the USA without any problems and also on all major cruise lines.  There customer service line is always available and I have not encountered a problem with them in all the time I have been using this card. I will list more once I am back.

Centereach, NY


Not the Best in Customer Service


We filed for Bankruptcy (yes, ashamed but admitted) a couple of years ago when my husband was laid off for several months and we had a baby.  About a year later, we got this great offer credit card application in the mail to help us rebuild our credit.  We did it with the intention of paying it off each month.  Well, he was laid off again so we had to use it more than we ever imagined, and that's when I began to experience issues.  My biggest complaint is that half the time when I call, I cannot understand the customer service rep I'm talking to.  I have to repeat myself over and over again as well as asking them "What???" several times.  Next, they are horrible about dropping authorization charges.  Those charges affect your credit limit until they fall off... meaning a company runs the amount through to make sure it's available, then they charge it when you are officially making the purchase.  The purchase will have been made on Sunday, go through on the card on Tuesday and the following Sunday I'm still seeing a "pending charge" that is affecting my limit.  When you call and ask them what's going on they ALWAYS tell me to talk to the merchant... so when I do, then they just say they'll fix it.  It doesn't get fixed for a few more days though.  It's so hard dealing with them... I don't recommend them to anyone.

Berger, MO


Chase Credit Card


I am very disappointed with Chase Bank, Which previously was Washington Mutual Bank! I have 2 Credit cards with High Credit Limits. One with a large amount available and the other with a small amount available. As the banks merged, I received a letter stating that they closed my credit card with the large amount available and that I will not be able to open again. I have never been late, always used the cards as well as made large payments every month! I have a great credit score and now that they have done this it has jeopardized my credit score.

Shingle Springs, CA


This card is a rip off


This card is a rip off. They gave me a huge limit at 8.9%. After I used it for 2 years they jacked my rate up to 19.99% and then 6 months later tried to up it to 29.99%. I cancelled it immediately. The bank refused to lower the initial rate after I called them and told them I had all of my statements and there was no advance notice of the increase which is required by law. they still refused. I tried to get them to lower it telling them it would cause me to not be able to pay since it more than doubled my minimum payment due. They still refused. They wanted to take their chances an wether or not I would make the higher payments. All of this happened even though I have never been late with a payment or over my oilim. I later found out they are doing it to a lot of card holders to try to recoup the bad investments they made other places. I got a loan, paid off the card and will never do business with Chase again.

Rolesville, NC


Chase - Platinum MasterCard

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