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Chanel Chance 3 X 0.7oz Eau De Toilette Twist and Spray for Women

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Ok, Chanel Chance has been my Signature Scent for the past 8 years (since my freshman year of college), and it is still my number one FAVORITE! I  absolutely love love love this perfume! In fact, I remember getting compliments ALL the time from guys (friends, boyfriends, or even RANDOM STRANGERS - seriously!) who would be like "Mmmm, you smell GOOOOOOD!" Oh yes. This stuff is AMAZING! There is a reason why Chanel is a classic, people. It's a no-fail classy scent - and in this case, it's a young, sexy version! I have a deep and abiding love for all things Chanel, but ESPECIALLY their Chance! Now, as for the twist-n-spray travel case - as if they couldn't improve upon this scent, they suddenly made it so much better! I LOOOVED my twist-n-spray Chanel Chance! I am SO mad that I lost it! I want to buy another one ASAP! It was so nice whenever I was out and about and I needed an extra spritz of my Chanel, just a refresher or a touch-up. And the case was just so CUTE and feminine! Love being girly!  Love my Chance Chanel twist-n-spray!

Idaho Falls, ID


Chanel Chance 3 X 0.7oz Eau De Toilette Twist and Spray for Women

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