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Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table


For hot hockey action in your game room, the Super Stick Hockey Table is just what you need. Its heavy 145 lb. cabinet will not move during play, yet it is easy to move for cleaning or vacuuming your rec room. Cabinet and legs are covered with a heavy, glossy vinyl which is highly resistant to wear and use. The vinyl on the legs and the leg materials will even resist denting. All sliding and gear mechanisms feature moving clutches and are made of self-lubricating space age plastics to extend life and prevent binding as well as protection during rough play.

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Reviewed before purchasing; was spot on.


I read several reviews of this item on different websites before I ordered this. I had three picked out, and I ended up with this one, even though it cost a bit more. It had to be able to withstand some rowdy foster sons, and it did. Let me tell you, when you find something that entertains boys for as long as this game does, you will pay ANYthing. When I was younger, we had these types of games, but not with the domes, which is sweet. The disks doesn't go flying off everywhere. It's a little tall for the little guys, but I didn't really get it for that age anyways. It's pretty sturdy, well constructed, and has never been knocked over, which goes to show how sturdy it is. The way it keeps score is fun: when a puck goes in and comes out onto the tray, unobtrusive (or at least not annoying) music starts and the electronic board changes the numbers. Depending upon where you order this, the delivery can be cumbersome as it has to be brought into your house with more than one person. Once you pry open the box, it's a little daunting to see a bunch of screws, but really, it's just a matter of screwing on the legs and scorebox and then there's something to do with a wire that my husband took care. If my husband and I can do this, ANYONE can. Shipping wasn't cheap, which nearly deterred me. All in all, I'd rather pay for something like this that gives kids and adults hours of entertainment rather than spend this amount of money on a bunch of little worthless toys that end up laying around the house. At least a big variety of people can enjoy something like this.



Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table

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