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Caribbean Collection
Caribbean Collection Mango & Passion Fruit Body Lotion

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Left me bumpy and itchy, but smelled great.


I received a bottle of The Caribbean Collection, Mango and Passion Fruit Moisturizing Body Lotion as a gift, and at first was so excited because I love tropical smells. The scents combined made a great tropical island smell. I could almost taste the fruit it smelled so good. I lathered up my legs the first night I got it. Smelled great and went on really well, no greasy after effect or any other problem. I noticed when I woke the next morning that I was itchy on my legs, where I had applied this lotion. I itched like crazy and my skin seemed to be more dry than when I started, and the red bumps did not impress me at all. I did not find any comforting soft skin with this, it is more like a lotion you would dab on your hands before a meeting, or just to add a quick nice smell to you, instead of pulling out the parfume. To use this as a body lotion, no way. This is a good hand lotion at best. If you have sensitive skin at all, this is not for you.

In the sun, FL


Caribbean Collection Mango & Passion Fruit Body Lotion

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