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Caress Whipped Souffle White Peach Cream Body Wash

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Caress Whipped Souffle does NOT smell like peach at all!


Caress Whipped Souffle White Peach Cream Body Wash is supposed to be an "ultra silkening body wash" that is light and creamy and leaves your skin soft and silky.  Thank goodness this was a free sample, because I would be supremely disappointed if I spent any money on this. So the scent is horrible and so are the ingredients.  It contains petroleum, one of the cheapest chemicals to put in a body care product.  It doesn't even moisturize your skin; it creates a "seal" on the top of your skin!  The only redeeming ingredients in this body wash are sunflower seed oil and a fruit extract. Effectiveness The ONLY positive thing about Caress Whipped Souffle White Peach Cream Body Wash is that it did leave my skin feeling soft after using. However, I don't use anything that contains petroleum, and the scent is so bad I'm throwing it away. Scent I love fruity scents, so White Peach sounded absolutely delicious. I twisted off the cap and was so disappointed. It smelled like perfume and not a trace of white peach, or any other kind of peach for that matter. It's not even fruity at all! It has a strong scent and the only thing that I can think of to describe it is...perfume. It's not good. Perfume gives me a headache, so not all people will feel the way I do about this product, but if you *are* sensitive to scents, stay away from this! I do not recommend this product if you are expecting anything fruity to come out of the bottle.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Definitely sounds better than it smells


At first, Caress Whipped Souffle Body Wash sounded promising so I gave it a try.  First of all it DOES NOT smell like peaches, not even close.  It has a weird smell that I liked at first but not it seems to smell like bad perfume. The bottle has lasted me a very long time because I haven't been using it every day.  What I have left seems to be thicker than it originally was and the smell is worse than it was when it was a new bottle.  I have trouble getting this body wash to lather, which might be my water but I do not have problems with other body washes.  As for the formula I felt that it wasn't  very moisturizing.  I am a person who uses lotion immediately after showering, every time. When I use this body wash, after applying lotion my skin still feels dry.  It even makes my hands feel less moisturized. I have tried other Caress body washes and have always had this problem.  As much as I want to like their products, I won't be buying it again.  Effectiveness This product was not moisturzing for me at all. Scent The scent of this product is not what you expect from a Peach scented body wash.

Mount Vernon, IL


LOVE Caress whipped souffle


I agree with a few others that reviewed this product- it does not smell like peaches, BUT it does smell wonderful-clean and fresh but not overpowering. I did not find that it left a film on me or my shower and my skin is much softer and less dry than before. I LOVE this stuff

Lewisburg, WV


Caress Whipped Souffle Body Wash is great for dry skin sufferers


My wife and I were at the store looking for items to stock our skin care cabinet, when we came to the body wash aisle, she found Caress Whipped Souffle Body Wash, and after smelling it she put it in the cart. I always let her pick out the body washes, etc., for us to use as both of us has to use ultra moisturizing ones because of dry skin. We brought it home and she used it first and then me, and both of us noticed how soft our skin stayed even after showering. I am not concerned about scents as long as the product works, and this one does, and the scent did not seem to linger in my opinion. I highly recommend this to guys as well, it worked great for me.

London, OH


creamy and smells great


     I got this body wash as a sample in the mail.     In fact, when I received it, I had forgotten I had ordered it.  I tried it, not expecting too much.  A few body washes samples I have received have left me underwhelmed, though I do appreciate trying new things.  I buy most of my body washes through bath and body works, and though I am open to other brands, that is my favorite.  However this is one body wash I would definitely purchase(with a sale  or coupon of course!)     I am picky about the smell of body washes and such.  I have to really like the smell to want to use it.  When I opened this, the smell was really delightful.  It had a nice soapy smell mixed in with a nice peachy and flowery scent.  It was really creamy and I only had to use a little bit.  It rinsed off well and made my skin feel very soft.   If I hadn't received the sample I wouldn't have thought to try it.  This body wash gets you clean and leaves you smelling good and feeling soft.  Now when I see it in the store it is a product I will take notice of and consider purchasing.

Thomaston, GA


Caress whipped souffle body wash leaves my skin silky smooth


    Want to tempt yourself with a delicious treat? Caress Whipped Souffle Body Wash is the perfect everyday indulgence.      I have somewhat sensitive skin, most soaps and even some bodywashes dry my skin out and leave me itchy in the end.   When I got  the Caress whipped souffle white peach cream ultra silkening body wash in the mail, as a sample, I was happy to find that my skin was soft and touchably smooth afterwards!  The smell (peach is one of my favorites!) is not too overpowering, just subtle enough to refresh. The texture of the body wash is thick like a lotion, but not too thick that you can't squirt it onto your loofah.  I was surprised to find that after applying a small amount to my loofah that I did not have to go back and add more to finish my shower.  A small amount goes a long way which means a bottle will last longer.  I was totally pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone.      Let Caress tantalize your senses with Silky Fragrance Infusion! 

Round Lake, IL


Caress Whipped Souffle White Peach Cream Body Wash

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