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Caren et Cie
Caren et Cie Caren Original Hand Treatment

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Caren Original Hand Treatment didn't work for me.


A while back I was given by my husband some Caren Original Hand Treatment. I had tired several of the other products from them and loved them. I was not so happy with the Hand Treatment. Every time I use it I seem to have to use a tone of it to really get it into my skin. It also seems to leave a weird feeling coating on my hands that i do not enjoy at all. After using it for a while it did not seem to really help the extreme dryness of my hands. But the worst was the fragrance. I did not like it at all. Every time I would move my hands I would get a whiff of it and I had to was h it off. Although I would recommend many of their other products I would not this one! Effectiveness Just seemed to be like putting a slimy coating on my hands. Ease of Application It took way too much to make any difference. Scent Very unappealing to me! Bothered me a lot.

Michigan City, IN


Caren et Cie Caren Original Hand Treatment

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