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Capresso Electric Kettle

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Attractive, great kettle--if you don't mind it falls apart


I purchased this kettle for myself and loved it, so purchased one for my mom. It lasted about a year and then the switch broke. Bought her a second one. My original lasted the longest, but the handle pulled away from the pot (dumping hot water) after about 3 years. Am now using my mom's--it's now about 2 years old and the switch is getting iffy. If Capresso would fix the handle/switch issues, this kettle would get a 10! As it is, I'm looking for something else as a replacement.....



LOVE this kettle Highly recommend


I am using my 2nd one of these, the first one, I used every day for 5 years before it quit. Quickly purchased another and its doing great. Never want to be without it, best kettle, heats water quick and efficiently. Whole family loves it, looks nice on the counter as well.

Oakhurst, CA


A Watched Kettle DOES Boil!


I received the Capresso H20 Plus kettle as a present (I drink a lot of tea and my friends know it). I had never actually heard of the brand before or seen it in the store, but I'm so glad my friend had! I drink copious amount of tea each day, and a while back, I stopped nuking the water in the microwave, lazy-style, and started using a kettle. My first one was a red Black & Decker stainless steel kettle, but it started to leak after a few months. Since then I've just been boiling water on the stove in a pot. But this...it's wonderful! I love the fact that it's glass instead of stainless steel...with all the reports coming out now about how plastic is bad, metals are bad...it's just nice to know that you can still trust good old glass. Plus, it's super fun to actually watch the water boil. And since the entire thing is see-through, you can easily see how full your kettle is. My previous B&D had a plastic "window" to see the water level, but sometimes, if it was turned the other way, you had to turn it to see how much water was left. Not so with this one! It heats up really quickly too! This is the only kettle I ever want to use...EVER!

Los Angeles, CA


The most efficient way to water.


I purchased my Capresso tea kettle for the convenience it offered me as a stand alone unit. I didn't expect to fall in love with it though! It is everything they say about it. Convenient with a great design and thoughtful safety features. I especially like the fact that the 1 1/2 quart capacity carafe is heat tempered glass, since the area we live in has hard water. No more calcium build up that is hidden.The carafe is easy to maintain and fill. It is cordless so it easily slips on and off the stand. The water is "tea ready" in mere minutes. My family uses it on a daily basis for tea, hot soup packs, ramen, instant hot cereals and as a convenient way to fill a baking dish when you need to use a bain marie (water bath). It has a cool touch handle and pours drip free. It has a safety auto shut off so if you get busy and walk away for a phone call, child emergency or doorbell you won't have to worry about it overheating. The base is also designed for both lefties and righties depending on your preference.I was first turned on to portable tea kettles by friends in England, the home of good cup of tea. I find the Capresso to be very convenient for a practical household item in a beautiful design.

Moorestown, NJ


Love this product!


I purchased the Capressa because I wanted to heat water quickly in a glass container. When heating things in my home, I only like to add heat to stainless steel or glass items. This unit heats water very quickly. Much faster than using a tea kettle. It automatically turns off when it has heated to a sufficient temp, which is when it boils. It pours nicely without making a mess which is important when using water this hot. My main complaint is that when it automatically turns off, it is difficult to tell if the light has gone off. I think it is because it is not illuminated brightly when it is on. So, I cannot be across the room and tell it is ready unless I hear the button click. Also, the unit gets deposits on it about every third use. We do have a water softener but do have a water cleaner so I am surprised it gets this dirty. I can easliy clean it with vinegar and it looks good as new. The unit is very attractive if you wish to leave it on your countertop.

Morrow, OH


Capresso Electric Kettle- pretty & efficient


I love my Capresso Electric Kettle. There are two reasons I gave it four stars instead of five is that it does not make an audible ding when the water is done boiling. If the house is completely still, I can hear the switch go off (which is almost never:). The other reason is that the light on the switch that indicates it is on is a very feint blue. I have to put my hand around it (to make it dark) just to tell if it's on. I have learned to know that if it's pushed up then it is on. I love the look of the kettle and it is fun that it is glass so you can see the water boiling. I also like that I can see inside the kettle which reminds me if it's needing a cleaning. Our water is very hard and was creating a white mineral deposit build up on the glass and metal heating unit. I soaked the whole thing in white vinegar for a few hours and it was as good as new. Now I only put filtered water in it. Overall I am very pleased with this product and with a few enhancements it could earn 5 stars with future models

Edmond, OK


Like watching water boil


My partner is from New Zealand, where having a counter top electric kettle is a MUST. Having lived in NZ for several years, I got used to having an electric kettle, myself. They're great when you want to make plunger coffee, instead of espresso. Also great when you want to make a big, old batch of tea for iced tea. Or for any time you want to boil water. It's not all that easy to find a good electric kettle (or "jug" as the Kiwis call 'em) in the USA. Most of them are made of plastic, and don't last long. Their automatic shut-off valves seem to conk out after a few months. And they don't exactly look great. Enter Capresso's glass kettle. It's great-looking. It boils water quickly and the shut-off valve never fails. Being made of glass, you can actually see the water bubbling up, which is sort of fun. I take child-like joy in this part. I love the Capresso electric kettle. It didn't come cheap, but it's worth every penny.

San Francisco, CA


Capresso Electric Kettle

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