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Canon - PowerShot SX200 IS Digital Camera

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The Canon Power Shot SX200 IS is lightweight and easy to use.


I purchased the Canon Power Shot SX200 is about 2 years ago to take with me on a Hawaii vacation. I wanted a camera that was easy to use, had good zoom power, easy to down load the pictures and lightweight. I got exactly what I asked for in this camera. It is very operater friendly with good picture quality. It was also lightweight an small enough to fit in a small purse. I purchased another rechargeable battery to make sure I always had a charged battery. The only con I have with this camera is the instructions for the different symbols on the dial was a little confusing to me.

Cape Girardeau, MO


This Canon Camera is Great for Everyday Use


I know next to nothing about cameras and photography, but I know I like my Canon Powershot. It took a little getting used to as it is bulkier than my last camera, has a very long zoom lens and the flash pops out of the top of the camera. Someone who knows about cameras would probably not be bothered by these details, as (I think) they each make the camera higher quality. The zoom is very useful - my husband and I had a great time using it in Yellowstone to take pictures of the wildlife from surprisingly far away. There are several settings, including an "easy" one designed for people like me who don't know how to set the flash, etc. I use this camera almost every day to take pictures of my 5 month-old, and I am very happy with the quality of the shots. I also love the video camera feature, which creates such high-quality video that I see no reason to have a video camera too. I don't use the software it came with, as it stopped working automatically when I plug in the camera to my Mac, but I use iphoto instead and it makes no difference to me. Perhaps the most impressive feature for me is the wheel button that allows me to scroll through pictures incredibly fast. It's so much better than pushing the button 1,000 times.

Logan, UT


Canon PowerShot SX200 IS with 12x optical zoom is user-friendly.


This isn't going to be a highly technical review of the Canon PowerShot SX200 IS, as I am not some camera enthusiast techie type. I do own a fancier camera (DSLR with all the whistles and bells) but find that for day to day use a simple point and shoot is what I prefer. This little camera has the features I was looking for, such as a nice big view screen (3.0-inch) so you can see what you're shooting, fantastic resolution (12.1 megapixel) for clear, crisp photos with a smooth 12x optical zoom that brings you right up close to the action, utilizing image stabilization to keep your pictures from being blurry. Battery life is quite good. It also records high definition video which is great if you're caught without your video camera. Fits comfortably in the hand, too! I find I use it a lot more because it is so simple to operate that I'm constantly grabbing it to snap a photo of my latest creation in the kitchen, or an unexpected nature shot... My little pocket Canon is always right there when I need it. The photo quality is excellent - almost makes me frustrated that I spent so much on the DSLR. This is a very user-friendly little camera with enough extra features to handle your day to day photography needs exceptionally well, and it doesn't cost a small fortune. I've owned mine for a year and a half as of this review, and it has worked perfectly so far.

Brush Prairie, WA


Canon - PowerShot SX200 IS Digital Camera

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