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Canon Pixma Printer

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a good throw away printer


I have bought two of these and they both keep doing the same thing after I buy a replacement ink cartridges they start pulling the paper to one side this has happened to me twice and I ended up tossing two of these out. I think the ink is not that cheap to be wasting it on a printer that isn't above par. Its good if you want a printer that you can use til all the inks gone and just want to fill the landfills up with a throw away. Never will buy another one not of good quality.

Campbell, OH


clear and consise


Epson has always been dedicated to giving the public outstanding products and this printer is just that. I love the printer because it comes out clean and clear and it is very easy to maintain. It doesnt go through ink too fast and it has never jammed up on me.

Lily, KY


this is nice


I love my printer so far. It is wifi enabled and I can print directly from my iphone which I love. The quality of the printing whether color or black and white is great. The installation process was ok. It did take some time. The one thing I found awkward was there wasn't a usb cable provided if in case I didn't want to use the wifi connection. This printer does require 5 cartlidges in order to print. I'm not sure about the cost of them but I haven't had to buy any new ones yet. The product is sleek and not extremely big. The screen is small but it is not needed often and it is easy to find your way through the multiple options it carries for you to use. My friend has the older model of mine and loves hers also. I'm usually not a fan of canon products but decided, why not try their printer. It was between this printer and the kodak printer. I have tried many other brands before and so far this printer is by far my favorite one. I love my new printer.

Matawan, NJ


canon pixma is a cool printer


wow this is one cool printer for sure. I had lugged around an old school printer from my college days till it gave and wouldn't budge anymore. I had some dough to spend on a nice swanky printer and found out that this one had some real nice reviews going on for it so i went and bought on for a price thats pretty decent for something as versatile as this. It prints at 9600 dpi that means razor sharp full colored prints and it does all this pretty darn fast. It uses five ink cartridges, that might be expensive while replacing but is worth it for the quality of prints that one gets. It comes with a nice LCD mini screen which really helps in printing pics straight off from the card itself, dont need to plug in your computer. Ofcourse as with every all in one, this has the trio of scanning photocopying built in as well, i dont use them much, but for the few times i have, its given me pretty decent results. This thing goes wireless so none of those pesky cable business which for me is very important. It also lets you connect up your smartphone to print, that is an amazing add on which i haven't seen in too many printers, but i anticipate i soon will. Great printer.

New York, NY


Best Printer Ever!


I bought this after Christmas and I'm VERY happy with this. We purchased this because we were interested in the wireless feature as well as being loyal Canon owners and we liked the idea of having a printer with scanning and photocopying capabilities. I have a laptop and no real desk area so I was interested in having a wireless printer so I wouldn't have to have a printer hooked up in a main area. I didn't like the idea of having all the cords and mess in a main area being confined to that area whenever I want to print something. I was a little nervous setting up the printer because I was envisioning all the cds I'd need and cords I'd have to hookup to my computer but it was so easy. I think it took me probably six or seven minutes total. I had the printer on the kitchen table, set up the printer and then unplugged it and moved it to another area in the home where it was out of the way and not very visible. Its very easy to use, I make sure its turned on (I keep it off until I need it) and just hit print and it comes out quickly, quietly and a really nice quality--even photos! If you want an all around printer with wireless capabilities then this is the printer for you!

Port Orange, FL


Canon Pixma Printer

3.8 5