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Canon - IXUS 300 HS Digital Camera

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Great Canon quality in an ultra portable size!


I was looking for a small digital camera to carry in my bag. I have had several Canon cameras through the years and their image quality is great. I have another Canon IS3 which is more the size of a 35mm camera but is not as portable, therefore I never seemed to have a camera handy. This Elph model fits the need perfectly. I'm very happy with my purchase! Image Quality The pictures I've taken with this camera are almost as good as ones I've taken with my much more expensive IS3 model. Performance It's quick to cycle between shots, which is great for taking kid pictures. Ease of Use Couldn't be simpler! Durability Seems to be very solid. I carry it in my bag every day and have had no issues. Battery Life It has a rechargeable battery that lasts way longer than alkaline batteries do. My previous cameras used alkaline AA batteries and always seemed to die on me when I took out the camera to snap a photo. This one has never let me down yet. Portability Very handy size with a decent sized screen. Fits in the palm of your hand and easily slips in a pocket.

Mountain Home, AR


Great compact digital camera


The IXUS 300 HS from Canon is one the nicer digital cameras in the mid-range price segment right now. It features an advanced back-illuminated CMOS 10-megapixel sensor chip and good optics, resulting in an above-average picture quality. The camera especially shines in low-light environments. With a bit of manual adjustment vivid and clear indoor photography at low light levels are possible even without the use of the integrated flash or other additional illumination. A top button toggles between automatic, program, or video capture mode. The latter is capable of capturing 720p HD video and sound, making it essentially a miniature camcorder. The default programs include some very impressive showcases for the camera's abilities, including a mode for adjustable tilt-shift-photography, powerful macro settings, facial and smiling recognition, and a 240fps slo-mo video capture. The options for manual settings allow for lots of tinkering. The device itself is very compact. Despite its delicate design it feels really solid and sturdy, almost like being carved out of a single slab of metal and glas, offering a great grip and nice surface texture. Controls are minimalistic and accessible, and the shutter release button has a nice crisp feel to it. The large display on the back is fully adequate - nothing special, and nothing to complain about. The little things I didn't like about this gadget are rather nit-picky, but for the sake of completion, here they are anyways: - Due to its format, the back display has a substantial black border whenever one is NOT shooting in widescreen mode - While the curvy design of the campera fits snuggly in one hand, the rounded edges on the bottom make it a bit hard to stabilize the camera on a flat surface (e.g. for shooting self portraits). - It does not support RAW format. - While many of the latest models of Canon's camera lines feature touch-displays, this one does not. Overall, a great, good value compact point-and-shoot camera.

Mount Vernon, NY


Canon - IXUS 300 HS Digital Camera

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