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Canon - DS6041 Digital Camera

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Awesome camera!


Now, I don't know much about cameras since I don't really follow them or study photography, but I would like to just review this camera. I mean, I know there are a lot of other really good upscale cameras, but I think this one's good too, but far be it for me to compare and contrast those types of cameras. I'll just share my experience with this one. Of course if you're looking at this versus a digital camera that a typical highschool student might have, it's far better, even though it may be an old model. To me though, it was a huge upgrade since I did have one of those small digital cameras before until my dad gave me his old one, which is this one. It might not be one of the latest models, but it still feels pretty professional. The images are quite clear, though could be better, but compared to a usual digital camera, of course it's better :P Since this isn't the type of camera that you would just lug around with you everywhere you go, it would be better used for the pictures for which you want to have a slight professional touch to them. I think by now though, it's probably quite cheap. I don't remember how much it was when my dad first got it, but since it's been many many years, I'm sure it's quite affordable now. If anything, I'd definitely recommend this camera for beginning photographers :]

Fremont, CA


Canon - DS6041 Digital Camera

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