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Calphalon HE600CG Indoor Grill

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This grill is well used in our home.


We have been happy with our Calphalon indoor grill. We use it year round. It is great for meats as well as vegetables. Certain meats like hamburgers we prefer to grill with the top open so as not to squeeze juices out and cause dryness. We have grill peppers, asparagus and even made "french fries" in it. We spray vegetables with an oil spray before putting them on the grill. Panini sandwiches come out really well . It is a versitale device. It would be ideal for a small kitchen or for a single person, or for apartment dwellers without access to an outdoor grill. It is very easy to operate. We have had ours for a few years and have had no mechanical difficulties with it. It can be difficult to clean. Best to clean it while still warm with a moist paper towel wad. If left until it cools, you will have a harder time cleaning it. As far as cost, it was comparable to other similar grilling units.

Norwood, MA


Calphalon HE600CG Indoor Grill

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