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Canned Dog Food
California Natural
California Natural Canned Dog Food

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I should have went with my gut instinct


I read so much and hear so much about the benefits of eating natural and organic that I figured I would test some natural foods for my dog also. If they benefit us as humans they must be good for dogs too! But like most natural foods I have tasted, the natural dog food must taste just as bland and awful. My dog basically refused to eat this California Natural Canned Dog Food. I guess it would be appropriate for a dog with food sensitivities or allergies, but my dog has neither one of those. The food smelled didn't smell as bad as some canned dog food when you open it, but I guess that's because it's natural and only has a few ingredients compared to leading national brands. But for my dog, she likes the awful smell that most canned dog food has and that's what gets her excited! So I will be going back to Alpo, which is cheaper and my dog loves it. Quality of Ingredients I'm not sure of the quality of ingredients because my dog didn't like it. Flavor Selection The flavor selection is very limited.



California Natural is the best for my dog with allergies


I have been feeding my dog California Natural dry dog food for over 5 years now because of his severe allergies to almost every ingredient in most dog foods (i.e. eggs, fish, brewer's yeast, beef and tons more I can't remember) except for California Natural. I needed to give my dog some pills and was so excited when I saw California Natural canned dog food in our local pet store. I bought a few cans so I could hide his medicine pills in the canned food and it worked like a charm! I am more than happy with California Natural - since starting their food, my dog doesn't scratch nearly as much as he used to on almost every other dog food (including some high end dog foods specifically made for dogs with lots of allergies). Great product!

Salem, OR


My dogs were fussy eaters until I found California Naturals food


I struggled with finding a food that two of my dogs (I have 3) would eat.  I bought stuff to mix in to make it more palatable, tried heating it name it.  Almost every variety of canned food  out there...then I found California Naturals Canned Dog Food.  It comes in 3 varieties, and they love them all.  I get it by the case now, and have very happy dogs and no problem getting them to clean their bowls every day!

Evansville, IN


Drool worthy -- the only canned dog food with an aroma!


My dog Brewster is fussy.  Very fussy.  Almost cat-like fussy.  Unlike my other Labs, he regards food with suspicion, sniffing it tentatively before he'll taste it, and oftentimes he rejects an offering as though it's beneath his dignity to eat it. Although he has always eaten his California Natural dry Lamb and Rice food without much coaxing, he's also eaten it without great enthusiasm.   Recently, however, I discovered that Cal Natural has a line of canned foods, and boy, did Brewster's attitude toward meals change dramatically!  California Natural canned food has a scent that can only be compared to the aroma of a home-cooked human meal, and when Brew smells it, he stands attentively and practically begs to be fed.  I only add about a tablespoon or two to his dry food so it's economical, but Brew seems satisfied with even that small amount.  His favorite is the canned salmon and sweet potato, probably because it has the strongest scent.   My husband says it smells so good that even he is tempted to try it:-) 

Clifton Park, NY


California Natural Canned Dog Food

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