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Calgon Lavender Vanilla Moisturizing Bath Beads With Vitamin E & Aloe

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Don't slip


With Vitamin E & Aloe Calgon as a brand happens to be one of my personal favorites. I think the brand has high quality standards so, I definetely wasn't surprised to discover that I absolutely love Calgon Lavender Vanilla Moisturizing Bath Beads With Vitamin e and Aloe. This is truly a treat to use. It's soothing and calming scent provides an essence of aroma therapy after a long day of work or when the children are driving me nuts. It is a sweet escape. Calgon moisturizing beads leave my skin so silky and smooth and soft. I am highly impressed by it's effectiveness overall. The only little catch to this product is that it can make the bathtub quite a bit slippery. I would definetely caution for you to be careful when getting out of the tub. Other than that though, it is a truly great, reasonably priced product that I sincerely enjoy. I will be a customer for as long as it is available on the market.



Calgon takes me away!


Who doesn't like a nice hot quiet bath? Calgon bath beads make your bath sooo much more relaxing. My personal favorite is lavender vanilla and it turns your bath into a deep dark purple that smells so inticing. Make sure you mix the beads up very well with the water. It is annoying to get in and feel the scratchy powder! It feels so smooth and silky and makes your skin feel that way as well. The smell is very relaxing and i warn you , makes you want to never get out! It is not to pricey and easy to find at any local department store. There are many different scents. There's only a couple issues I have with it. I wouldn't recommend washing your hair while your in the bath with it. It gets in your hair and leaves a weird oily film. Also I have known a few people that it irritates their skin so you want to be careful. Especially about the amount that you put in. Sometimes you can go overboard and it causes skin irritation so I would only put in the recommended amount. I would definately recommend this product!

Brazil, IN


Calgon still takes me away after all these years...


Calgon has long been a favorite product of mine. I have loved the moisturizing bath beads in the winter and the calming, stress-free scents that make my bath a luxury that is all mine. The only thing I haven't liked about Calgon's bath beads is the cardboard box it came in. If the box got wet the whole box was ruined. I am so excited now because the one thing that I have found lacking has now been fixed. Instead of cardboard packaging, it now comes in a waterproof, 26 oz. plastic container with a screw on lid. Effectiveness Pour 1/2 Cup Into Warm Running Water. Once Dissolved, Step In and Relax. Always Take Care to Avoid Slipping In The Tub. The Ring-Free Formula Leaves the bathtub clean. Calgon Take Me Away: Lavender Vanilla Moisturizing Bath Beads With Vitamin E & Aloe has been one of my standbys this colder-than-usual winter. The added aloe and vitamin E helps my skin stay nice and soft. Scent Lavender calms before bedtime. Vanilla along with the soft fragrances of peach and jasmine soothes anytime. I can't wait to try the other fragrances: Ocean Breeze, Island Escape, English Garden and Powder Fresh.

Northern, FL


Calgon Lavender Vanilla Moisturizing Bath Beads


Oh my goodness, I didn't know how great a bath could be until I put Calgon Lavender Vanilla Moisturizing Bath beads with vitamin E and Aloe in my bath water. I just happened to see it when I was shopping and thought to myself that I should try that product. Not only did the bath water have a nice aroma; my dry skin began to feel so much better. I would recommend this product to anyone. It not only moisturizes your skin; it seems to have a calming effect on you. You could almost fall asleep in the bathtub. Calgon Lavender Vanilla Moisturizing Bath Beads with Vitamin E and Aloe was one of the best purchases I have ever made. I'm a happy camper that is for sure.

Calumet, MI


Calgon Lavender Vanilla Moisturizing Bath Beads With Vitamin E & Aloe

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