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CVS Daily Face Wash

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Better (and cheaper) than Noxema or Oil of Olay!!


You will not believe how good this stuff feels until you try it for yourself.  I PROMISE you.  It is waaaaaaaay better than all the other expensive stuff!  I would've never believed it either if I hadn't tried it. What makes it better?  Well for one, it foams up so much better than the rest.  It feels so good rubbing it on your face.  It's thicker than the others and almost feels like a shaving cream on your face! (it's that creamy)  And it smells great (not overpowering like something like Noxzema).  And......for the grand finale.....it's A LOT cheaper.  Even though it's cheaper, I would recommend it if it didn't work so great. It clears dirt, oil and bacteria from your face without overdrying it.  This stuff gets so foamy, I usually use it in the shower.  Just wet your face, put a little on your hand and start massaging!  It feels great & get your face, literally, squeeky clean.  

Jacksonville, NC


CVS Daily Face Wash

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