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CHI True 1" Ceramic Flat Iron 63587

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Best Choice!


I received this product as a gift for Christmas in 2008. To this day it is still the best flat iron I have ever used. It works like brand new after 5 years. I haven't taken good care of it - I leave it on for way too long at a time, don't keep the cord neatly put up, etc - and it has no problems. I have dropped it numerous times. It just seems to withhold anything I do to it. It gets used a lot and doesn't really require cleaning or anything like others I have tried. My hair is very curly as well and doesn't straighten easy at it. This makes people amazed that I have curly hair. It gets it so straight. I can't find anything to compare to it. I'm extremely upset it was discontinued, but at least mine still seems to be in it's prime. I won't be purchasing anything else until it dies. It's my must have hair item by a milestone. Fortunately, Chi does make other products (I love their styling products and their blow dryers) so if you can't find this one somewhere, i'm confident their newer products are worth it.



The Chi is a must have item for those nasty days


The Chi has transformed my hair from **frizzy and curly to sleek and elegant**.  It is really easy to use and goes up to 370 degrees and gets hot quickly.  I remember the old days I would buy a drug store brand straightener but it never quite did the trick, it would straighten my hair but as soon as a gust of wind came my hair would be transformed into a frizzy mess.  As a woman with curly hair we all have those humid days where no matter how many times we spray the aussie anti frizz the hair just manages to frizz but with this product you wont even need to spray your anti frizz!  It locks in the heat and moisture so that no matter what the weather is you will have silky shiny hair.  It also brings out the color of your hair, my hair has tones of red in it and whenever using the bland old straighteners my hair just always looked dull but thanks to this product it brought it to life.  No matter if you are an avid dyer or just someone with extremely curly hair this product is for you!  Another thing I liked about this is it took so much less time to straighten than the other flat irons my hair was done in 10 minutes as compared to the hour or so it took me for the other irons. **This is a must have and I endorse this item fully!  **

Howell, NJ


The iChi is fantastic and great for stubborn hair.


I was extremely satisfied with this product, the iChi Flat Iron. It worked great with my stubborn hair. I have thin hair but it doesn't like straighten easily because I color it all the time and the Chi is one of the only flat irons that will do any justice to straightening my hair. I would highly recommend this product.

Cape Girardeau, MO


This is the most Amazing hair straightner I have ever used!


This straightener is simply the best on the market.  Yes, it is a little pricey.  However, the investment is totally worth it! I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a good straightener.  I am glad I spent the money on this styling product.  It has been a wonderful investment.

Evansville, IN


Worth the money--professional results at home.


I used my sisters Chi Globa Beauty Flat Iron and the minute I started using it I knew I had to have one. I went onto E-bay and found one that was what I thought the same thing--but it was not--it was a different brand and abit cheaper--I used it and liked it but not the same as what she had. I just bought the real Chi By Global Beauty about 1 month ago and LOVE IT> It is worth every penny.

Kingston, TN


The Chi is the best straightner by far


This straightner is amazing and is the only one I will ever buy. It straightens my hair perfect after two passes and helps it look shinney! It also is made extremely well and the first one I bought last me 5 years while a cheap one I bought only lasted 6 months. I also use it to curly my hair and it makes perfect curls each time and is very fast. I can curl my entire thick hair in about 30 minutes. The only con to this is the plug, it is very big and bulky and takes up both plugs so I can blog dry my hair and straigten it at the same time. But with that being the only con I think I can live with having to do them seperately. This also heats up very fast and is ready to go in about 60 seconds while other ones take about 5 minutes to heat up. It does take a while to cool down though but I just leave mine out all the time anyways so I doesn't make a difference to me. It also allows me to get right up close to my scalp without burning me allow me to get an even straight look all over.

Brigham City, UT


excellent product


  Before I bought Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron, I read many customer reviews, most of which were good and some bad, but I decided to take a chance.  Well, it's once of the best purchases I've made and I absolutely love using it and the results. This one is so easy to use, takes so little time, and the result is amazing.  I simply followed the common sense tips that a lot of customers left, in trying not to burn myself, using heat-protective hair spray, wiping up the iron after use, trying not to drop the iron, treating it gently, and I haven't had any problem with the iron. It left my hair very straight, silky, and not even 1/2 as poofy as it usually is with flat irons.One can flip the ends so it looks like its natural in a pony tail. This iron revolutionalized my life and I can't imagine living without it now.  

Union City, CA


The Chi 1" Ceramic flat iron is the best styling tool I have!


The Chi 1" Ceramic flat iron is the best flat iron I have ever used. This flat iron reaches high temps very quickly, has ceramic plates, and is very easy to handle. I love how easy the Chi is to use. It glides through my hair with ease and straightens my hair so great. I personally have naturally curly hair and being able to change my hair any time I want, and quickly, is a dream come true by the Chi flatiron. I can remember the first time I use my Chi flatiron to straiten my hair. I was getting ready for a night out with the girls. I absolutely loved the results, my hair was smooth, soft, and it felt wonderful. My results were better than I expected and lasted longer than I expected. With all of the hair care products Chi has to compliment their flatirons it is really a no fail process and it make hair straitening easy. Protecting your hair while making it look great is easy to do when using the Chi flatiron and Chi haircare products.

Conway, AR


The Chi ceramic 1 inch iron is only so so


The chi ceramic 1 inch hairstyling iron is only so so at best. In order to get the best results, you still have to blow dry your hair straight first completely (using a special kind of padded brush,) which is very time consuming if you have long hair like me. Because the chi cannot be used on freshly washed and wet hair, the blow-drying is mandatory. Then, when you do use the iron on your dry hair, it does not get all the hair completely straight-- the wavier certain sections of your hair are, the less likely the iron can get those parts totally straight. On my hair, for example, one side is naturally straighter than the other, and no matter how many times I use the iron on the wavier side, it only gets about 70% straight compared to the other side which I can get about 95% straight without trying to hard.  Also, I can feel that the more I use the iron, the dryer my hair becomes, so I try not to use it more than once or twice a week. On the plus side, it is easy to use, very portable and good when travelling.

Metairie, LA


Chi flat iron is stylish tool that goes easy on your hair


The bright red exterior of your favorite CHI flat iron makes this limited-edition CHI 1" ceramic hairstyling iron a must-have! This flat iron delivers gorgeous, silky hair like only CHI can!  I used to buy flat irons from pharmacy stores and tried many cheap ones and ended up returning them to stores that would allow you to buy, try and then return if you didn't like it. The girls at my old job recommended this one and I will never go back. Yes, it is expensive, but well worth the money if a product really works. This product does. This leaves my hair silky smooth and straight. It gets real hot, real quick so there is not much time waiting around waiting to use it like others out on the market. Downside is that it gets real hot, like sometimes too hot that you smell burning hair, not that is burns your hair like a fire or anything you just smell burnt hair.  You can't use everyday or else you will get horrible split ends and have to get a hair trim much more often. I have changed from everyday to only about twice a week. This product works really well if you are traveling or live in a very humid climate, I live in Florida and Chi really fights my frizzy hair and turns them straight and silky.

Saint Petersburg, FL


CHI True 1" Ceramic Flat Iron 63587

4.5 46