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Burpee Super Growing Cubes No Mess Seed Starting

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burpee super growing cubes work well


Burpee super growing cubes works well, but I prefer peat pellets instead of their product if I have a choice. I thought I would give them a try, but they are not that great unless you have containers you want to use to plant in. You need containers to put the growing cubes into since they do not hold their shape themselves like the peat pellets. You just place them in a container and add water and they expand within minutes. I would prefer them better then seed starting soil since that is messy if they are the only other product available. They are clean and they do their job, but they are hard to remove from the containers at planting time since they do not have the outer cover like other peat pellets. It is hard to remove them from the containers without cutting the plastic off of the containers so you do not damage your plants. The seeds do germinate well with them and they do expand quickly. I would not recommend them to others. They are a little expensive for the amount you get compared to peat pellets.

Narvon, PA


Works okay.


These pots are perfect if you are wanting to start a garden, but it's still a little too cold outside. All you need to do is add a little dirt to these pots, plant and seeds, and wait for them to grow. Then, once you have your plant, you simply stick it in the ground, pot and all. The pot breaks apart and allows the plant to grow even bigger without doing any harm to the enviroement or to the plant. The only downside about these little pots is that it is very hard to keep your plants well watered when you use them. The cardboard stuff that they're made out of sucks the water right out of them, so it is very hard to know if your seed is getting the right amount of water. The only way to prevent this from happening is by placing the small pots in a shallow pool of water. This allows the seeds roots to suck the water up, assuring they get the right amount of water. If you don't mind doing that ever once in a while, then I highly recommend these pots.

Augusta, KY


Burpee Super Growing Cubes No Mess Seed Starting

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