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Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Cover

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Wonderful diaper covers!


These are my very favorite diaper covers! They are so sturdy (which makes them perfect for wiggly sleepers), but they remain flexible and soft to allow children a full range of motion. They are very easy to use and clean. Ease of Use There's nothing to it - just put the prefold inside the cover and put on baby just as you would any other diaper! I actually think they're a bit easier to use than a disposable diaper because of their sturdiness. Disposables are sometimes a bit slippery and flimsy, or they can be prone to tearing if you are wrestling with a wiggly child. These diapers do not carry that risk! Leak Prevention We have never experienced a single leak with Bummis after 1.5 years of use! Comfort They are very comfortable for my son, but we prefer to use them during naps and overnight since they are very slightly stiffer than his other covers. Absorbency These covers do a wonderful job keeping baby dry and comfortable!



Bummis makes great diaper covers


Bummis diaper covers are great. The velcro tabs and front make it easy to adjust the waist to a perfect fit. We very rarely have any leakage issues with the Bummis diaper covers. However, the legs don't have very good gussets compared to some similarly priced diaper covers (Thirsties makes better leg gussets). Because of this, sometimes the prefolds peek out the legs of the Bummis, causing wet pants/onesies, or worse, poop leaks. This doesn't happen too often, and can be avoided if you're careful when diapering (our leaks often happened as a result of half-awake night time diaperings). The Bummis covers have very cute prints, and the frog and lilypad print was one that I was sad to retire when he grew out of his small sizes and we couldn't find a replacement of the same print at our local diaper store. If the Bummis had better leg gussets, they'd get a 5-star rating. Leak Prevention The non-fitted leg gussets make for occasional leaks

Somerville, MA


Bummis Super Whisper Wrap


I gave the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Cover a 3 star rating because I have had some issues with it. I have only been using the diaper cover one month and already 2 of my covers have begun leaking. The leak is coming through the cover. I wash the cover just as instructed and still have the leak issues. Also I wish this came in snaps. Even though there are laundry tabs the tabs still come loose and either stick to the side of the diaper or stick to my cloth wipes that I wash with the diapers. The tab sticks to the edging of the diaper causing it to pill. On the flip side I really like the froggy print one. It is super cute on baby!!! Although the diaper leaks at times. It is easily resolved by throwing it in the dryer after a wash. Also it only tends to leak after I have had it on baby all night. Other than that this is a good diaper to start cloth diapering with. Ease of Use It's a little hard to get used to but easier on the pocket book then pocket diapers. Leak Prevention They leak if left on too long, but I still prefer cloth of disposibles. Cloth diapers hold in all the breastfed poops where disposible leak up the back. Yuck!! Comfort I think cloth diapers are definately more comfortable than scratchy disposibles and no chemicals on baby's skin. Absorbency Cloth diapers are very absorbant. You do need to change them more often but it is worth it.

Alabaster, AL


Leaks every time


I have cloth diapered three girls over several years now and have used quite a variety of diapers.  I do not like the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap diaper covers at all.  I used several of them with my first daughter and continually had them leak wetness out at the legs.  I have since switched to using Thirsties covers and find that the double elastic at the leg really helps with keeping the wetness in.  The Bummis Super Whisper Wrap only has the one strip of elastic right at the leg casing so when that gets wet it quickly leaks out.  The cover is sturdy, but I find that I prefer the thin Thirsties cover as it is not quite as bulky.   Like any diaper cover, the velcro on the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap is going wear out.  Mine lasted for a good long time, but was definitely fraying eventually.  I ended up getting rid of mine because it just kept leaking on me.  I know some people really like these covers, and they do have cute prints, but they just weren't for us. Absorbency Its a cover, it doesn't absorb...

Holland, MI


I love Bummis Diaper Covers


This is one of my absolutly favorite covers. I used these covers with both of my children and never had leaks. This is the only cover I found that works great with prefolds and fitted diapers without gapping at the legs or back. If you are just started to cloth diaper or already cloth diaper this is a great cover for your stash especially at night time.

Smyrna, TN


Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Covers saved us so much money!


I started cloth diapering my son at 3 months of age and started with the gerber prefolds and Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Cover. The nice thing about prefolds and diaper covers is that it is one of the more afforable ways of cloth diapering. The all in one diapers such as bumgenuis are nice but very, very expensive!! I didnt know much about cloth diapering at the time when I started so I didnt want to go crazy and fork over tons of money without knowing if I could actually stick with it. So prefolds and covers such as Bummis was my answer. The nice thing about the Bummis is they are so leakproof!!! We never had any leaks with these covers, even at nightime and nap time. They were very simple to use I would just fold my prefold inside the diaper cover, lay baby down, and bring up through the legs and velcro shut which took no more time than using a disposable! And they are so much better for our enviroment! I reused the diaper cover after each diaper change if it wasnt soiled...and the nice part too is they air dry so all you have to worry about is washing in the washing machine but then line dry! and so many faboulous colors and styles to choose from!! You can not go wrong by purchasing the bummis super whisper wrap diaper cover!

Sussex, WI


These covers make cloth diapering so easy.


As a first time parent, I was a little apprehensive about cloth diapers, but very motivated to use something that is healthier for the environment compared to disposables. We use these wraps exclusively with the prefolds from the diaper service we belong to. The Bummis Super Whisper Wraps are wonderful! I like the fact that the elastic doesn't dig into my son's skin like another wrap I tried. I have never had a poop leak explosion ever, and I can't say that about disposables. These wraps are very durable. I just throw mine in the washer and drier and have never had a problem with them either shrinking or wearing out. The velcro is so easy to adjust and they grow with my son as he grows which is convenient. These wraps make cloth diapering so easy. I wish other parents knew that cloth is not as difficult as they may think.

Coeur D Alene, ID


The Gold Standard of Diaper Covers


I love our cloth diapers, and these covers make all the difference. They are so easy to use with simple velcro tabs that are strong and durable. I have never, ever had a leak when using these covers. The fit so nicely over both prefolds and fitteds, and fit well on either end of the size range. I was originally using Proraps but the large tabs made for a really bad fit as my baby was getting close to outgrowing her current size. The Bummis fit wonderfully all the way through. They might be a little more expensive than some covers but I think they are still a great value and I highly recommend them.

Brentwood, CA


great and easy to use cover


I got this cover in Medium and another of the same brand with snaps. I find the velcro a little easier to use and get on, but the velcro is starting to get a little fuzzy and less "sticky." The snaps take an extra minute to get on and adjusted, but they have not loosened up and stay snug. I have always line dried these covers and they are holding up after many uses and washes. They fit over all the cloth diapers I have tried and contain messes very well, as long as you adjust it to be snug and poke the diaper into the legs. They have yellowed a bit over time, but I think that it inevitable with the waterproof materials used. My daughter is pushing 30 pounds and has thined out and is getting tall, and can still wear the Med very comfortably.

Saint Paul, MN


LOVE this cover.


I was introduced to cloth diapers just because I wanted to save money. Not only have I done that but I have become addicted to these things! I love this cover. It is AWESOME! IT holds in major messes and cleans up great. There were times that I was like, oh no, that cover is ruined. But alas, it was not! It cleans up great. I highly recommend this diaper cover.

Marysville, OH


Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Cover

4.3 65