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BumbleRide Flyer Stroller

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Trendy and fun,very comfortable, sometimes difficult to handle


I was originally looking into buying the Bugaboo Cameleon but after a lot of comparison shopping my husband and I decided that they are just too expensive.  I shopped around for something else and came upon the BumbleRide.  It had a beautiful green color and looked just as trendy as the Bugaboo.  We are very happy with our choice and we fee that this stroller is a great value for the price, is very pretty, comfortable, easy to fold and unfold and safe for the baby.  We actually lost the first one we had after about 6 months of use and we went back to the store and purchased the same exact one as a replacement because we love it so much.  I definitely recommend this product to other parents.  The only negative that I can think of is that the wheels are smaller then in the Bugaboo and that makes it a little more difficult to navigate over rough terrain or curbs.

Roslyn Heights, NY


Decent stroller with good flexibility


I received a Bumbleride Flyer when I was pregnant with my first child in 2006. We selected this stroller because of the flexibility - it could be a pram or a traditional, forward-facing stroller. The flexibility was outstanding, but the stroller itself was cumbersome, large, and heavy. It did not work well with our infant carrier (difficult to latch the carrier in). And, truthfully, the seat was rather large as well - almost too large for my child (who admittedly is on the rather small side). As it was a gift, we did use this stroller with our son. However, when we had our second child, we invested in a stroller/car seat set that worked much better for us. It is a beautiful stroller that offers fashionable color options; however, it just isn't the best stroller on the market - it doesn't even have a snack tray, which I have found to be essential to keeping a child happy in a stroller as they can put their toys and snacks there!

Greensboro, NC


Love my Bumbleride Flyer!


Choosing a stroller is a very difficult task.  There are so many different choices and each one has its pros and cons and features that only that specific stroller has.   I came across the Bumbleride Flyer and really liked the fact that you can switch the handle to face whichever way you want.  That was the first thing that caught my eye.  The more I looked into it, the more I liked the different features that it has.  It has a nice look to it and is easy to menuever.  Since you can have the handle facing the baby or not, the wheels lock depending on which way you are pushing the stroller to make sure that you have the best menueverability.  The stroller can easily be pushed with 1 hand.   It is not overly heavy, which is good because I go in and out of the car a lot.  The seat reclines all the way so you can use it for a newborn.  My 4 month old likes to lay in it and kick around and play in it.  He really enjoys being in the stroller.  Recilning the seat is also really easy, you can do it with one hand! The footrest is adjustable, which I also like for my newborn.  I am able to put it all the way up and have it seem more like a bassinet for him.  It is easy to fold too. Overall I am extremely happy with my Bumbleride Flyer!!  

San Diego, CA


Bumbleride Flyer is a great stroller for a small baby


I purchased the Bumbleride Flyer based on the fact that your baby can face you or can face out.  I really enjoyed being able to see the baby when she was little and she enjoyed being able to see where she was going when she got a little older.  We used the stroller in conjunction with the Graco Safeseat and found it easy to take the careseat in and out of the stroller.  The combination of the sunshade on the stroller and the carseat made a were nice for a dark place for baby to sleep while on walks or shopping.  The cons are that this stroller is very hard to maneuver, does not go through any sort of rough terrain (grass, sand, etc) and the basket is quite small and difficult to access.  We had issues with the wheels staying locked in place when we reversed the handlebar.  Overall we liked it for the baby when she was an infant, but moved to the Bob when she was a little bigger because it is much easier to push and navigate.

Saint Petersburg, FL




The Bumbleride flyer is a pretty and fun to use stroller.  It is high quality and I expect it to last through our next child.  It could fold a little easier, but doesn't seem to have any real problems.

Wellsburg, WV


A modern cool stroller


This stroller is so good to have in my home. It was very expensive and I always want to purchase the best quality items so that is why I bought such an expensive stroller. The red color is very flashy and attractive and I always get compliments on it. This stroller is nice because the head rest where my child sits is very soft and it supports her head when she decides to sleep in the stroller. The stroller is able to adjust to four different recline positions. When my daughter has missed her nap and I need to do some shopping, I recline it so that she is laying down and can sleep soundly. The wheels are smooth and they do not bounce around and disturb my child when she is in the stroller. I really like the storage area that is under the stroller because it frees my hands from any shopping bags that I may have. The stroller also folds up very easily and it is easy to load into the car. The weight of it is also very light and easy to lift.

Knoxville, TN


An easy-to-use, attractive stroller


We purchased the Bumbleride Flyer stroller six months ago after reading many stroller reviews online. The Bumbleride had all the features we wanted- a reversible handle so that the baby can be facing forward while you push her or facing you, an adjustable handle bar for any height, a five point harness/seat belt, a seat that reclines all the way and a sunshade that is completely adjustable to always keep the sun out of the baby's eyes. Several reviewers online have complained about the stroller not riding smoothly or having difficulty steering it when reversing the position and I initially had this problem so I contacted the company. The company taught me how to engage the bar above the wheels properly- the bar closest to your feet should be fully down- and then it steered and moved beautifully! This is an expensive stroller but you can often find a great deal on gently used ones on Craig's List. It's worth it! 



Worth it


This stroller was great and we had so many comments every time we took it out.  Worth the price because we used it from infancy all the way to toddler, very very cool looking to boot.  Resale value was great too!  It still looks new and the company has great service.  The only drawback for me was the turn radius was a little too tight but overall great!

Minneapolis, MN


BumbleRide Flyer Stroller

4.4 8