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Buitoni Alfredo Sauce

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You really can taste the freshness in Buitoni's Alfredo Sauce!


We recently discovered the fresh, all natural pasta and sauces created by **Buitoni**. These were found in a specialty refrigerated cooler in the middle of our local Kroger Grocery Store. In the selection were a variety of sauces and yummy pastas. My family is a huge fan of alfredo sauce, and we have tried many different brands, both fresh, jarred, restaurant offerings and even home made - I have to say that **Buitoni Alfredo Sauce **smashes the completion in both taste and texture. I love that it is an all natural product and that you really can taste the quality ingredients that they use to create their entire line. You can tell **Buitoni** knows their pastas (and sauces) and that they mean business when it comes to an fresh, authentic Italian dish. This **Buitoni Alfredo Sauce **has just the right consistency, texture and flavor - and all 3 of our young boys LOVE it. When they see this on their dinner plate they all get excited and chow their pasta down before anything else on their plate. There is 10 oz of sauce in each container and the serving size of this **Buitoni Alfredo Sauce **is 1/4 cup; in that you'll find 140 calories, 12 grams of fat (7 sat) and 350 grams of sodium - not something we could eat every night by the time you add in the pasta (due to the fat grams and sodium) but it sure is a tasty treat for the entire family. You really can taste the freshness in **Buitoni's** - it's a superior product, bursting with taste!!!

Livonia, MI


Buitoni Alfredo Sauce

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