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Bugband Insect Repellent Wristband

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I would buy it again


I used this product when I went on a night safari, I didn't get a single mosquito bite on me. Works pretty well.

Port Richey, FL


Unique product


I found this product to be unique and new. I was a little hesitate at first if it would actually work or not. There are also stocker repellents that I tried to use. You can actually smell the repelent in the bracelet, just like you would if you were spraying it onto your skin. It did keep the bugs away for alittle bit. I'm not sure if it only lasts a certain amount of time and then does not have a strong replent just like you have to keep reapplying the repelent not sure if you should keep replacing the bracelet. I think it is a great newer idea and may just need a little twerking until it is really great. Effectiveness Does not end as strong. Ease of Application All you do is put it on your wrist and go. When it was extremely warm and hot it did get in the way and become alittle annoying. Scent Scent started out strong then got little bit less and less as you wore it. Feel like irt wasn't extremely overpowering that I couldn't wear it.



Bugband Insect Repellent Wristband

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